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A new Path

By partangel 2016-03-23 00:33:01
Allow me to give some background before i get too far into this entry. Growing up all i knew was the Catholic school system. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday i was at Mass. I studied religion daily at a young age, and was punished for not understanding or remembering all those Bible verses. Nothing against other religions, but it always struck a chord with me that i was not allowed to question something i didn't understand. I always felt there was something more out there just for me. At the young age of 10, i just didn't know what that was.

Fast forward to High School. By this point i had made my decision to leave the Catholic church. I was dating a loser who warned me of the "evil" things that can happen when you mess with Wicca when i expressed my interest. No matter what he told me, i felt it was for me. Since i was still living in my parent's house, i felt it just wasn't the right time to explore this further.

After i graduated college and moved in with my then boyfriend (he is now my husband); i expressed my interest again and how i felt it was the path for me (by this time i had done some research). He looked at me and said, "If that is what you want the only thing stopping you is yourself. If you don't go for it, who will?"

I went out and bought my first book. I read the whole thing within 2 days. I spent countless hours on the internet and eventually, learned enough to start creating my own circles and rituals. After a couple of years my co-worker realized i was on the same path as his wife and he introduced us.

She taught me so much. I considered her my mentor. For three years i worked with her, studied what i was missing, and eventually was initiated into First Degree. Sadly, this was not meant to be and we started going our separate ways.

I now feel so "alone" in the Wiccan world. I hope to be able to find another person who understands what i believe in. Yes, i have my husband, but he just doesn't get it. Granted, he does support me, so i do appreciate that.

I hope to be able to meet some awesome people here.

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