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Why I Hate Men

By GothicRhyme 2016-03-28 05:25:27
I am on a couple of dating sites and let me tell ya, the shit I put up with on those sites is fucking horrible. All I ever get are egotistical assholes who don't give a fuck about who you really are, whether because they are too desperate, they are self centered, or all they want is to get in your pants. I am so fed up with all the disrespectful shit I see every single day filing into my inbox. "Hey wanna trade nudes?" "I'll pay you $$$ to blow me." "Hey sexy wanna fuck?" "What is your sexual fantasy?" "Hey sexy gimme your number." I have fucking had it. I fucking give up.

I have been playing the online dating game for 4 years and this is all I've ever received. Tens of these pile into my inbox every day. Of course I never respond, but the fact that they are there in the first place infuriates me. What has this generation come to? Are we seriously raising our children in a way that makes them think it's okay to speak to a woman like this? Or anyone for that matter. Regardless of whether it's online or not, people should be treated with respect. Asking a person for nudes is not respectful in the slightest.

What makes you think it's okay to just go around asking women for nudes?? Guys, grow the fuck up. Why do you think it wasn't okay for men 100 years ago to ask a woman to see her naked?? Because they actually had some fucking respect. If a guy asked a woman back then to see her naked, he would be slapped in the face and beat by her father. If you have even one fucking ounce of respect for women and who we are and what we fucking put up with then you would never fucking ask anyone that disrespectful question.

Now, I'm not saying all guys start off with something sexual. I do get the occasional guy who starts off sounding pretty decent. "Hey, how's your night going?" "Oh, I hear you're in a wolf pack?" "Omg, you're a wiccan? That's so cool." But even when I get these, they all turn out the same exact way. I end up saying something that he thinks is offensive, and he fucking blows up and insults me like I have never been insulted before, telling me all this shit and making fun of me for whatever they read on my profile. They act like fucking two year olds because I didn't say something that they wanted me to say. They throw fucking temper tantrums and try to hurt me. And yes, I'll admit, it does hurt. A lot. Every time someone tells me I have a wolf fetish and that I probably have wolf tail butt plugs because I'm so fucked up really fucking hurts. Every time someone calls me a bitch, even when I have said nothing but hi to them, really fucking hurts. And the saddest part is that they actually are trying to hurt me, all because I didn't say the right thing. It makes me feel obliged to cater to them, just so I don't get attacked again like I do every day by these men. Of course I'm not going to cater to them, but the fact that they use such horrible manipulation shocks me. I cannot believe that there are people out there like that. Trying to hurt people and bully them by calling them names and making fun of them online when they've never even met them in person.

I know I am a good person. I know I would never hurt someone. I know who I am and I know who I am not. But what boils me to my core is the fact that the men I come into contact with on these dating sites don't care who I am. All they do is talk about themselves, call me pretty, then insult me like a fucking child would when he doesn't get his way. And what makes me boil even more is that once they're done insulting me, calling me names, and judging me, they block me so I can't even reply or defend myself.

How can you fucking live with yourself? Knowing that you purposefully go out of your way to mentally and emotionally harm someone and then shun them so they can't defend themselves? That block button means more than not being able to chat anymore. Blocking someone after insulting them so horribly goes much deeper, because now you have left them to themselves to think about everything you have just told them. You told them how fucked up they are and how horrible of a person they are, then you shut the door in their face, making them hurt by themselves with no way to defend themselves, stuck with those last words you sent them. "You're wasting your time on a dating site." "You're fucked up." "You're such a bitch." And you can't even tell them, "no, I'm not fucked up. I'm not a bitch. I am a great person." But you are just too blind and judgmental to be able to see it.

Every person is great. Every person has something to offer. No one fucking deserves to be told that they are worthless or "fucked up."

What I hate is that this is the only thing that has come out of my experience of online dating. I have been ridiculed and shunned and embarrassed and made fun of. I have been objectified by men who treat me like shit. I have been punished by those who think I am worthless, but give me no chance to speak for myself. They call me these names and they think I'm this terrible person but they're wrong.

And this is why I hate men. Men are cheaters. Men are liars. Men are double crossers. Men are bullies. Men are arrogant and egotistical and selfish and stuck up. Men treat women like objects for their enjoyment. They treat us like toys for their own pleasure. They think we are just here to build their ego, to cater to them, to cook and clean for them, to do sexual favors for them whenever they fucking please. They think we're worthless. That all we're good for is cooking them food and giving them children and pleasing their sexual appetites.

I stand here as a voice for all the harassment that we women are put through by men. As an adolescent, I will stand up for anyone whom I see being harassed or bullied by someone who thinks they are better. I will do my best to show that we are not objects. When I become a mother, I will raise my son(s) to never show disrespect for a woman. If a man ever disrespect my daughter(s) I will not be afraid to slap him right in the face. I can be glad to say that in this world of fear and manipulation and objectification of women, my children will be a ray of light amidst the chaos. And I hope people will see that. I hope people will see and learn that no, it is not okay to speak to a woman like many people speak to women today. We are all people and we deserve respect. The only ones who don't deserve respect in this world are those who give in to temptations and treat people like shit.

I know who I am. I am not a bitch. I do not have a wolf fetish. I am not fucked up. Yes, maybe I am wasting my time on dating sites, but that is only because there is no man on those horrible sites that deserves someone like me. Because I deserve to be treated right. And if no man can treat me like I deserve, with respect, then I will have no man.

To any men reading this, I do not mean direct offense, unless you are one of those scumbags on dating sites. I do realize that not all men are like this, but at this point, the kind of man who is respectful and treats a woman like she should be treated is so rare that it's isn't even worth looking for anymore. I have wasted four years of my life roaming around these dating sites looking for someone decent, but after four years I realize how scarce those kinds of men are nowadays. Those four years of the ridicule and being shunned and rejected and embarrassed were not worth it. I used to be free of criticism, able to be myself with no worries and nothing to hold back. I used to be an outgoing and happy person. I used to be a socialite with so much to offer. But four whole years of this rejection and bullying have turned me into something I'm not. I have no self esteem. I can hardly even look at myself in the mirror. I hate myself, and the thought of other people disliking me in the slightest scares me beyond belief. I sit and cry at night because I feel so rejected and judged and alone. I have started to actually believe people when they tell me I'm fucked up and a bitch. And honestly, I've gotten to the point where I don't care anymore. I have never been this low in my life. All this bullying and hurt has turned me antisocial. I don't have any more friends because of my fear that they would some day not like me anymore. This bullying caused to me by men has given me fears of rejection, which I probably will never get over. My anxiety has grown and grown over the last four years into something that I can no longer handle. I am no longer myself, but a shadow of the person I used to be.

All this emotional damage done to me by men who wanted to boost their own ego. To make themselves feel better.

And people wonder why I hate men.

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