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Spotting Facts From Shere Fantasy!

By Ardoura 2016-04-09 18:26:45
In the religion of Witchcraft and/or the correlating studies of Wicca/Wica, we do not believe in proselytizing nor do we indulge in the act of proselytizing, as it is a practice of most organized religions. We are not as other religions.

One’s path is as individual as the seeker is of him or herself. Be aware, however; there are traditions and measures that are taken and in which we follow, through the wisdom and the experience of those who have gone before us. There are rules and rituals that are time tested and hold the highest of reverence and abilities among us as practitioners. There are reasons that these rules and rituals stand strong as they are, and have been, and why they need to be followed as they are presented.

And whereas each individual’s path is practiced in a manner most personal and beneficial to each person’s needs, their growth, and in their lives, whether in coven or as solitaire, no one can ever revere themselves to be a member to the “one true coven” nor that they are the “one true Witch or Wiccan” among any of us; nor shall there ever be such a thing. Being the son or daughter of a Witch does not make you automatically a Witch. And saying that you've been a practicing Witch since your teens and below is an impossibility as to the comprehension of the word "practicing" and what it entails on this Path.

To state such a notion would be to claim that there is “only one true religion, bloodline, and that their way is the only true path”. This is not true. Isn’t that what the other religions claim?

This is not a race, a pissing match, a fashion show, nor a lifestyle, this is a Life. It is not something found on a t.v. series, in the movies, or on your gaming systems/sites.

Those who pretend, embellish, fabricate, and/or just outright lie about who they are, where they come from, etc., fool no one in this religion nor on this site, but they themselves and those that they’re needing and seeking attention from or preying upon. None of these actions of dishonesty/deceit are found or are apart of the religion of Witchcraft and/or of Wicca/Wica.

For the Newcomer and Newbies: Be mindful of what you say, how you present yourself, and who you correspond with in this site. Everyone is not as they seem. Research, listen, and pay close attention to what you hear and what you read. Seek only guidance and teachings from experienced mentors and instructors. If it doesn’t sound right, look right, or feel right….it most likely isn’t right or honest. Never do anything that you’re uncomfortable with, no matter what consequences someone may attempt to scare you with. Report any such behaviors immediately! Be consciously aware of what you permit yourself to absorb and what you should allow yourself discard at all times. And Always Be Yourself….because yourself is more than enough….and honesty always rewards with dignity and the respect of others.

Blessings to You Always,
~Lady Ardoura )O(

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