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Dehydration: Effects & Remedies

By trustpharma 2016-04-19 04:55:26
Summer days are around and with that problem of dehydration; this is our normal assumption. However, it is not complete truth, as dehydration is equal issue in winter days too. Anyone can get out of liquids because of various reasons; therefore, it is essential that you keep yourself hydrated with water always.
Water is essential in proper functioning of body. It makes up two-third of body. Dehydration is defined as the condition when body loses certain amount of water. Depending upon how much water is lost, it is categorized as mild and severe. To stay away from such condition, you have to sip in more water.
Effects Of Dehydration
A person starts feeling thirsty when nearly two percent of body water is lost. If you do not understand this call of your body, then it may cause dehydration. Other common effects apart from thirst and sweating are –
Mild Effects
• Dry, sticky mouth
• Tiredness or sleepiness
• Dry skin
• Constipation
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Minimal urine
• Muscle cramps
Severe Effects
• Extreme thirst
• Confusion
• Sunken eyes
• Low blood pressure
• Rapid breathing
• Rapid heartbeat
• Fever
• Little or no urination
• Unconsciousness
What Causes Dehydration?
Many reasons can lead to dehydration, such as intense physical activity that makes you lose much water. Other reasons include diarrhea, vomiting, diabetes, frequent urination, and sweating.
Therefore, people who are more into physical activity are at more risk to dehydration. So they should keep themselves well hydrated. Infants, children, and old people are also at a great risk of dehydration. Similarly, people those are ill or suffer from any kind of diseases are more prone to dehydration.
Remedies For Dehydration
• Keep sipping small quantity of water.
• Drink electrolyte/carbohydrate-containing drinks.
• Try to cool down by lessening excess clothes, staying in air-conditioned areas, or controlling temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.
It is always said that ‘prevention is better than cure’, same case applies over here. It is a better to prevent dehydration rather than to treat it. Dehydration can be life threatening; therefore, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated and sip in water immediately after you have lost some. So here are some prevention tips.
The first most tip is to drink water at frequent intervals. While stepping out, remember to carry a water bottle. Also do carry a bottle while engaging in any physical activity or heading to a gym, especially when it’s too hot.
Do not rely on sports drink or sugared canned drinks; they do not raise the levels of water in your body. Instead, they can affect your health in negative way. You can opt for sipping in fresh fruit juice or limewater as an option.
Foods that contain water can make you stay away from dehydration problem. So include them in your diet. Foods such as watermelon can help you out.
Take rest. Although we don’t relate sleep with hydration, but it has an important part to play. So have a proper good night sleep to stay fit and fine. For more information visit

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