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By ShopMedPills 2016-05-17 04:13:10
It is state of being conscious but unable to move at the same time. It is a stage in between wakefulness and sleep. It is a time when you are unable to say anything or to react to anything. There is a feeling of pressure and chocking for some people. This problem is however accompanied with other disorders, such as sleep disorder and narcolepsy. It usually happens when the mechanism that relaxes your muscles during sleep is active even after waking up.

Symptoms of sleep paralysis:
There are certain symptoms of sleep paralysis that includes a condition of sleep deprivation and also that of irregular sleeping patterns. It has been found that it is more common in teenagers and youths. However it is very rare that it is linked to any psychiatric issues. Over years this problem has been linked to certain evil practices that occur during sleep. It is often regarded not as a dream but a waking consciousness. It is a condition when you are unable to move and can clearly perceive the environment around you. Some may feel a sense of evil presence while others may have difficulty in breathing.

Two types of sleep paralysis:
Sleep paralysis usually occurs at any one of the two times, either when you are falling asleep, that is, hypnagogic, or while waking up, that is, hypnopompic. During hypnagogic, when the body slowly relaxes, the change is not noticed always. But if you are aware you may feel that you cannot move or speak at that point. However during hypnopompic movement, the period between rapid eye movement and non rapid eye movement, the body becomes numb and thus you cannot move or speak.

The diagnosis to sleep paralysis:
When you are faced with a condition of being unable to move or speak when falling asleep or during waking up, you are most probably diagnosed with sleep paralysis. It is always prescribed to speak to your doctor with the problems faced by you. It is also advisable to discuss with any one of your close mates or any family members about the problems you are facing during sleep. It is also good to conduct studies regarding the sleep behaviors during night or in day time. Maintaining a sleep diary or noting down the symptoms is also helpful.

Treatment of sleep paralysis:
For most people there is no treatment for sleep paralysis. There is an urgent need for improvement in the sleep pattern. You must make sure that your body is getting a proper period of six to eight hours of sleep. The intake of anti-depressant medicines can be of help to improve the sleep pattern. There is a need for the treatment of other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or leg cramps if needed. Stress must be reduced and you have to make sure that you are getting enough time to relax your mind and body before your body is about to sleep. New sleeping positions can also improve this condition if it is causing a regular trouble to your sleep pattern.

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