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A Witch in a Christian Home

By TeenWitch16 2016-05-26 21:47:27
I can't be the only witch that grew up in a Christian home. So I thought that I would make a blog on how I discovered the path that I have chosen, even when being pressured everyday by my Christian parents. This is going to be long so, sit back and enjoy a good reading.
First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Katie and I am a 16 year old witch. I have been raised in a Christian home all of my life. This includes being put in those silly school uniform private schools. It's funny though, because it was at my Christain private school that I discovered that I was different.
It was lunch time and I was always the loner sitting under the shade of the trees that lined the school's property lines. I was sitting there when I just... Felt something. A connection of some kind. I put my hand on the tree and my eyes opened to see that this wasn't just a tree, it was a living breathing beautiful force of nature. I fell in love with the trees and the earth dirt and I started to study into different religions that loved the earth as much as I had grown to love it also. At the library as I scanned the books I came across one that was drawing me in, like this secret force. Can you guess what book it was? Correct. A book about Wicca and Witchcraft. Of course being raised with strict Christian parents, I hid the books I checked out and spent the next two weeks up late night reading. As I learned more and more about Wicca and all the magical things the religion contained, I fell more in love. I loved the idea of going on this spiritual pathway and discovering who you are. Of course my lifestyle had and still has to be hidden in secret with my strict parents... But that didn't and doesn't stop me from being on the path of finding out who I am.
And that's exactly what I am continuing to do today. I am beyond comfortable in who I am as I classify as a witch. For those boy and girls in Christian homes, and feel like you have no one who understands I persuade you to message me, because I do understand. Keep your head up, and your broom and wand up higher ;) There's nothing to be ashamed about when learning and growing in something that you love. Blessed Be with one and all, and anyone feel free to message me!
-Blessed Be, Katie.

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