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Causes & treatments for Muscle cramps

By trustpharma 2016-07-14 04:10:17
Many a times you may experience sharp and annoying pain in leg or thigh muscle, mostly it is the muscle cramp. This excruciating pain might last for hours to days. Muscle cramp is an abrupt and forced muscular contraction of one muscles or more. This type of muscular pain is usually harmless, but it can be difficult to use the affected muscle efficiently and easily.
Prolong duration of exercise or any physical activity mostly in hot and sunny weather lead to muscle cramps. Use of certain medications and some health conditions also cause muscular cramps. This problem can dealt with home remedies or self care.
Muscle cramp is the involuntary and forcefully contracted muscle that doesn't relax. Many people experience muscle cramp. There are many causes for muscle cramps. It can even occurs at night time, or while resting. Dehydration is also one of the causes of muscle cramps.
Generally muscle cramps occur in the leg muscles, especially in the calf. Sharp pain which is sudden or sensation of hard lump or muscle tissue below skin is experienced by many.Usually this problem disappears on its own and seldom requires medical attention. However, this issue may sometimes get serious and need medical care-

Check with your doctor if the following symptoms occur-

Terrible discomfort
Accompanied with swelling and redness
Muscle weakness
Occurs frequently
Do not improve on its own or with home remedies
Not caused due to strenuous psychical activity or exercise

Causes of Muscle Cramps-
Over utilization of muscle, dryness due to dehydration, muscle stress or remaining in the same position for long time can cause muscle cramp. However, the cause is unknown in many cases.

Lack of blood supply: Some times there can be narrowing of the arteries that carry blood to the leg area. Due to this condition you can experience cramp in your legs and feet while carrying out strenuous physical activity or exercise. Such type of cramp mostly fade away after stopping exercise.
Nerve compaction: Compaction of nerves in the spinal cord may also cause cramps in legs. This type of pain may get worse while walking.
Nonfunctional nerves: Spinal injury or pinched nerve in the neck region or back bone area may lead to muscle cramp.
Decrease of minerals: Lack of minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium in your daily diet may lead to leg cramps. Some medications such as diuretics that are prescribed for hypertension deplete these minerals in the body thus leading to muscle cramps.
Excessive exertion of the calf muscle during exercise.
Lack of stretching before strenuous exercise
Physical activity or exercise in the heat
Muscle weakness
Kidney failure
Hypothyroidism, or low thyroid gland function
How to treat muscle cramps?
There are number of remedies and treatments that can be used to ease and treat muscle cramps.
Applying ice pack on the muscle
Warming the muscle
For cramp in the back of the thigh or charley horse Put weight on the affected leg and slightly bend your knees.
Include food that contain plenty of vitamins, calcium and vitamins
Drink loads of fluid
Always stretch before exercise
To ease the muscle cramps self care is sufficient, and might fade in some minutes. However, if you experience this problem frequently without any particular reason, then consult with a doctor. They could help to detect the exact problem and treatment with proper medications.
Vitamin B complex supplements are also suggested to deal with muscle cramp.

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