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Finding my path

By LunaDragonShade 2016-08-03 01:29:40
I grew up in a small town called Centerville, Tx. Raised in a stricked Christian family, I was taught my manners, and was forced to speak the name of the Lord. Basically had the bible thrown in my face (not literally), told that any other religion was witchcraft and the work of the devil.

As I got older, I learned New things about myself. I learned I had no interest in men, I learned that I loved people of all colors, and I learned that Christians aren't what I hoped they'd be. No, I am not bashing on their religion, I'm just explaining my feelings and how it did not flow with myself.

After coming out to my family that I was lesbian, my grandmother explained how it was gross, and I was going against our Lord. It took me under harsh depression. I thought I was actually going to hell. Desperate to cleanse my soul of such a sin, I forced myself to like men. Forced myself to date them, even though I knew it made my stomach turn.

Finally, I had enough. I told myself, if God didn't want my to be lesbian he wouldn't have created me this way. Then I learned about slavery in the bible, and how God was for it. And loads of other things that I my heart just couldn't resonate with. I had spent 20 years devoting my life to the bible, it never once hit me that my soul was on another path.

Then, around September 2015, my friend Majenna told me that she was pagan. A druid to exact. She was one of the descendents of the original druids, and offered to teach me. Excited, I researched all I could of the religion.

I had finally made the decision to abandon Christianity. I felt free, and almost no remorse. I was thankful for my friend offering to teach me her ways, but along the lines of researching druids, i found Wicca.

I fell in love, madly in love. The altars, the candles, the crystals, and George magick. But, honestly what I fell in love with, was the light of wicca. I already loved nature, and had a strong bond with animals. It just all made sense. I belonged to wicca. Nature was what I was destined for.

I began learning all I could, and collecting ever rock and crystal I could find. One day, I found the YouTube channel of AzuraDragonFeather, and after hearing her bond with dragons, I remembered my childhood. I also loved dragons, I was obsessed. I also belonged to draconic wicca.

Though I know I'm not near ready yet to work with dragons, I know one day I will be. I am still practicing all that I can, little by little. I have never felt so comfortable and happy with any other religion than I am now.

This is my path, and I will walk it. I wouldn't change a thing even if I had the chance.

Blessed Be fellow pagans.

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