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Traces of Babaylans the Pagan Priestesses in the Philippine Islands

By sufiyatik 2017-03-10 06:55:36
Traces of Babaylans the Pagan Priestesses in the Philippine Islands

The Babaylan is the term for a healer in the Philippine Islands before the coming of the Spaniards. Majority of Babaylans were women who had the ability to heal both soul and body.

They served as healers, keepers of wisdom and philosophers in their respective ancient communities. They could enter and leave the world of spirits on behalf of their people. They could even fight any hostile spirits after they failed appeasing them.

The non-Wiccan experts in colleges and universities in the Philippines are in error in their conclusion that male Babaylans were “gays”.

These academic “experts” have amnesia that Tamblot (1621, Bohol Island); Pagali (end of 16th century, Leyte Island); Dionisio MagbuelasDios Buhawi (1896-1898, Negros Oriental Province) were male native pagan priests who led wars against the colonizing Spaniards.

For the sake of Filipino Wiccans, I would like to cite some terms in Tagalog Language which suggest the legacy of Babaylans.

“Gamot” – medicine; original meaning: “root” or “ugat”.

“Init” – hot; origin: “Apo Init” – Lord Sun.

“Kaluluwa” – soul; origin: “kaduduwa” which means “the double of oneself”.

“Limos” – small money given to beggars; origin: “Paglimusan”, the spirit of small stones.

“Lintik” – lightning, thunderbolt; origin: “Litik” – God of Thunder.

“Mangyari” – to happen; origin: “Apu Malyari” – Moon God.

“Panag-uli” – healed; original meaning: “returned to the natural self”.

“Poon” – God; originally meaning: “origin”.

“Puno” – tree; another meaning: “leader”.

“Tulo” – drip of water; origin: “Apo Tudo” – Lord Rain.

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