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What to do when encountering difficulties accessing the routerís web-based setup page?

By icognix 2017-04-03 06:06:54
Before answering this question directly, let us first understand the cause of it. Because it is always good to know what causes any kind of technical problems. Below is the reason.

Why do I encounter difficulties in accessing the routerís web-based setup page?
Difficulties in accessing the routerís web-based setup page can be due to the following reasons:
ē Improper cable connections
ē The router is not giving a valid IP address
ē Incorrect router IP address entered in the Address bar
ē Incorrect Username and Password used to log in to the setup page
ē Browser issue
ē The router is defective

Subsequently are the steps recommended by Netgear tech support to make sure proper setup and configuration of your router.
1. Connecting the devices together -
ē For wired connections: You must have two (2) Ethernet cables. The first cable should be connected from the modem to the routerís Internet port and the second cable should be from the computer to any of the Ethernet ports at the back of the router.
ē For wireless connections: Make sure that the cables for the modem and router are properly connected and that your computer is successfully connected to your wireless network.
2. Checking the routerís LEDs
3. Checking the routerís IP address
4. Accessing the router's web-based setup page using the correct admin password

How to reset the Netgear routerís settings?
If you still cannot access the routerís web-based setup page, Netgear tech support professionals suggest that you may reset the device. The router can be set back to its factory default settings by pressing and holding the Reset button for 10 seconds.

Now that you know the procedure to reset the Netgear routerís settings, let us know understand the way of upgrading the routerís firmware.

How upgrade Netgear routerís firmware?
In case if you are not able to access the Netgear routerís web-based setup page, you may need to upgrade the routerís firmware using the TFTP utility.

The user might also need to upgrade the firmware of your router using the Management Mode of the web-based setup page.

How to utilize your network? Utilizing your network
After successfully accessing the routerís web-based setup page, you can now configure the routerís settings and connect your wireless devices to your network.

In case of any technical problem with your Netgear router or any of the product from this brand, you should contact online Netgear tech support.

Netgear tech support experts can be contacted on email support, web chat and toll free number on 1-888-479-2017. The professionals can be reached even at the oddest without extra charges usually.

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