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Moderday problems , for a modern day witch

By Practicalcraft 2017-06-22 12:09:26
Merry meet ,
So is it just me or is ther still s stigma towards the word even hindering witch , I mean if you say it fast it sounds like witch way are you going ..... hahaha. But seriously we are living in a world where it's still almost unexpected and judged , for me for example I'm a flower, pastels , tea otter that practices a form of witchcraft and I find it funny with all the stereotypes out there. So to be a witch I have to be old , big nose , warts and dong forget the Hollywood green !! I mean seriously it's a lot to live down , I come from a. Family where our ancestors were pagans , my kothers people were shamans all healers so when some people act shocked at my way of life I try and explain, my mom raised me Christian and I noticed all the similarities between pagan and Christian so I would always say what's the difference and my mum would say you have to find your own path and the answers will come . Obviously I have pretty cool partners haha my dad often refers to me as his little witch and my mom and dad accept me whole heartedly! I am one of the lucky ones though I know this to be true my good luck and love doesn't fall on everyone the same way! Many young people who are practicing or thinking about practicing this will be judged for no reason and things will be said that aren't true, in this modern world there is so much room to grow as a human that you should always reach for the stars and never give up on who you want to be. Be a unique beautiful young witch , there's no rule book to how to look and be like a witch , you just are it's as simple as that! If you want to be a Wednesday Adams , and aunt for practical magic , Stevie nicks , a Nancy from the craft , a original you , be the best version of yourself and all will fall into place.

Merry part sisters

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