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The power of Runes 2

By Elric 2017-08-04 09:09:36
Each rune has a name that hints at the magical significance of its visual form and the sound. For example, the T-rune, called *Tiwaz, is named after the god Tiwaz. Tiwaz was perceived to dwell within the daytime sky, and, accordingly, the form of the T-rune is an arrow pointed upward. The T-rune was often carved as a standalone ideograph, apart from the writing of any particular word, as part of spells cast to ensure victory in battle.

The runic alphabets are called “futharks” after the first six runes (Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, Kaunan). There are three principal futharks: the 24-character Elder Futhark, the first fully-formed runic alphabet, the 16-character Younger Futhark, and the 33-character Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. On some inscriptions, the twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark were divided into three ættir of eight runes each. This was done to increase the power of all the runes in the group.

Runes can be carved or etched onto stone, wood, bone, metal, or even with ink and pen on paper, but the more indelible, the more powerful. Before you can actually begin making your runes, it is important that you know their meanings. What follows are the runes whose meanings are known. Many have fallen into obscurity and their names and meanings are lost.

Rune meanings

Fehu- wealth

Uruz- strength of will.

Thurisaz- danger, suffering.

Ansuz- prosperity, vitality.

Raidho- movement, work, growth.

Kaunan- mortality, pain.

Gebo- generosity.

Wunjo- joy, ecstasy.

Hagalaz- destruction, chaos.

Naudhiz- need, unfulfilled desire.

Isaz - steadfastness, perseverance

Jera- harvest, reward.

Eihwaz- strength, stability.

Sowilo- success, solace.

Tiwaz- victory, honor.

Berkanan- fertility, growth, sustenance.

Ehwaz- trust, faith, companionship.

Mannaz- augmentation, support.

Laguz- formlessness, chaos, potentiality, the unknown.

Ingwaz- fertilization, the beginning of something.

Othalan- inheritance, heritage,nobility.

Dagaz- hope, happiness.

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