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Religious & Ritual Abuse

By templeofunderworldstudies 2017-08-09 13:32:50
Sadly there is no shortage of self proclaimed gurus in any religious tradition, who would exploit you and your vulnerabilities for their own personal gain. The arena of occultism is certainly no exception.

For beginners on the path of occultism it is vitally important to be well informed about the signs and the red flags that you may run into in the course of your occult education. One of my very favorites quotes over the years comes to us from Dion Fortune who once said that "there are two necessary requirements for the practice of operative occultism. Right motives and right associates" Occultism is so vast, and there are so many traditions within it, that a cursory knowledge of these traditions is very helpful for the beginner in order to be able to even sort out what you want to learn and who you want to associate with in the first place. At the very least a beginning student should devote him or herself to a basic knowledge of the history of various magical lineages in order to know what each tradition has to offer in the form of a philosophical approach or ideology, and then make very sure that your own value system is in accordance with the prescribed philosophy and practice. As my gift to you, in order to help any beginners along in their path, I have put together a free check list in the form of a downloadable PDF document for you to access. You can find your downloadable copy of "How To Recognize The Signs Of Ritual and Religious Abuse" at my home page at


Just opt in to receive your free download copy, on the home page, so that you can have the tools you need to stay well informed in order to safeguard the safety of your own spiritual path.

The Western Tradition of magic is a path filled with adventure and mystery, and offers a great deal of profound experience, inner growth and knowledge. Make sure you stay on the right path that is in alignment with your own value system in order to ensure a long and sustainable practice in the highest and most positive direction for you.

Light In Extension
Monique Lockhart
Founder, Temple Of Underworld Studies

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