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By Santar 2017-10-27 02:43:16
A few years ago there was a few of us who had a vision of building a coven. We weren't looking for seekers. Our main intrest was creating a coven of established witches of no more than 13. For us it wasn't about who was in control so as someone who could be the guide. The head of the coven would be the Magician which would be man or woman. The guide or Magician would represent the universe, and not a God, or Goddess. The coven would only come together for magick related events ( such as rituals).
After 3 years the guide would start a new coven of their own. The original coven would appoint a new guide, and bring in another memeber. after 3 more years the new guide would star another coven. and so on and on.

There was 5 of us, and that is as far as we made it. We would say these words every time we met at the fire.

We are the children who meet in secret. It is as it always has been. Many do not understand us in this world. There are some who wish never to understand us, and we see as our enemies. We were all born to be the witches that stand here at the fire. Magick was with us at our first breath. Our rituals are a place for witches, and no others. We do not make our rituals, or gatherings known to outsiders. Everyone of us was hand picked by the universe to walk and learn from each other. When we come together at the fire we will be known as Walking Wisdom. This is our safe place from the world. Only members of the coven are allowd at this sacred place. We are not a coven of light and dark. We are a coven of magickal practitioners who use all energies from the universe. Let us be careful who we share knowledge of us coming together with.We must always remember there are still those in the world who would seek to harm us for who we are. Now let us Walk in the Wisdom of the universe.

We were 5 witches in the beginning who had all practiced for more then 30 years apiece. We had a vision, but I believe we were far to picky about who we wanted to do magick with. It is already tough to bring 5 practitioners together who solitary most of their lives. Finding 8 more seemed more of a task than any of us wanted to take on. Alas we always had each other when it came to important matters.
Most of us have lost contact with each other, but I know for sure all of the 5 who are like me still practice magick. Remember the fun in life is about the journey. Be well

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