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Boy in the woods

By Santar 2017-10-27 20:16:05
When I was a boy I used to walk along the Au Sable river in Michigan taking in the sites. One day I looked at a tree, and I saw this glow around it. I thought to myself how beautiful. As I walked closer it seemed the whole tree was encompassed by this light. I reached my hand out, and I could feel it's energy.

A few weeks later I was in the forest again. I was just sitting listening to the land speak. After about 2 hours an animal approached me, and much to my surprise it was a badger. He had the same glow about him too. The strange thing was I did not fear his arrival to me. He stood right in front of me, and it seemed as though he was smiling to me. I spoke to him, and he moved closer, it was then I felt a very strong energy emitting from him.

A couple days later I was talking to one of the other shamans, and told him what I saw. He seemed very interested in what I saw. He told me when he was a boy he saw some similar things. His encounter was with a squirrel though.

It was almost immediate he took me as one of his pupils. I still didn't fully understand exactly what the course of study was. He took me to the woods many times teaching me to hone my skills of reading the energy emitting from all things. I could see healthy energy, sickly energy, happy energy, and angry energy. I was learning to feel each kind of energy . I spent several years studying the wildlife of the surrounding area.

I was taught far more then just how to use my gift. I was given gifts to. I was taught about herbs and their contributions to the world of healing. I was taught about how to survive in the wilderness if need be. I was taught to respect the earth, and all things it has given to us. I was taught all things have healing within them. I was taught about crystal, and stone combination's. It seemed all things taught to me were tied to healing, spiritual or both.

The man who taught me used to tell me I was the teacher, and he was the student.

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