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Fellow Wiccans in Nova Scotia

melglabay - New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
My husband and I are still relatively new to paganism and Witchcraft. I am an eclectic witch and he is a tech witch. We are looking for some pagans to

Harvest_moon13 - Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada
Not really sure what to put here. I'm not all that new to the craft, but I'm also definitely not all knowing either. Looking for a mentor/companion du

Jesscala - Nova Scotia
I'm new to the craft. Always been drawn to the practice , but was never motivated, or too scared to pursue. But I have no idea where to start. I gue

Iceorchid1 - Nova Scotia
I'm very open person and I love just about everything. I incorporate my studies with my passion for cooking. Feel free to message me.

MysticalWitches - Nova Scotia
Pagan Eclectic Witch, Feminist, Equalist,Queer, Social Political Activists.

wiccachicka - Pictou County, Nova Scotia
Looking for some female friends around the area with similar interests. Message for pics :)

Gryphontwin - Nova Scotia
Believer in polytheism but not sure beyond that, looking for information and a safe community close to home

Silverlady - Nova Scotia

Levoyageur - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
In a guest to find the truth.

VisionsOfSnow - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Hi, I'm new to Wicca, and would like someone to teach me about it.

IceWitchCiel - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Megoak123 - Bridgewater Nova scotia
I'm very nice and friendly

imphavok - Thorburn, Nova Scotia
Pagan for 18 years and founder/owner of "The Happy Hippie Haven". We host Pagan celebrations and festivals

Eithwen - Nova Scotia
Have been Wiccan for over 20 years. Discovered my maternal grandmother was also wiccan after studying I realizing what it was she was teaching me.Marr

wisperingwinds - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

nswoman4ollder - Pictou Nova Scotia
Hi..new and learning. Very interested in chatting with other women on the subject. I am open minded yet nervous about what other people think. Hope

Love13 - Nova Scotia
Get to know me and than you can see what and who I am. Blessed Be. :D

SacredCrow - Nova Scotia, Canada

solisortus - nova scotia
HELP PLEASE looking to chat with like minded people I have always been on a different page than most researched many religions before wiccan and none

julieseeds - nova scotia
a want to to be a which iam a male female two spirted

randawg - Nova Scotia
New to here and interested in learning. Have bought my first book for a starting point and waiting to get and read...

Feylan - Nova Scotia
Solitary practitioner on a journey of self.

Ivy92 - Nova Scotia, Canada
Inactive account. Idk now to delete this lol All messages will be ignored.

Natureschild - Nova Scotia

m3lani3 - nova scotia
very interested in talking to others of like mind.

d_peverill - Bedford Nova scotia
I am new to wicca, I suffer from horrible nightmares and paranoia and am looking for suggestions on how to make life easier.

Memy - Nova Scotia/Houston
I turned 54 this year(yaaa!!) and have been a practicing BTW/pagan since 1998. I'd like to meet or chat with other wiccan/pagans in Nova Scotia. I li

Sher_Thompson - Nova Scotia
New and Learning

Sky2011 - Nova Scotia

witchgirl2011 - nova scotia
hard pagan for two years looking for others and a teacher to help guide ther way

dumspiro - Nova Scotia
I have been many things but I found druidism/witchcraft while in Europe. At Stonehenge. I have been trying to follow a path since then but always alon

Harmonize - Nova Scotia
A Mother, a sister, a aunt, a women, love positivity, have been a solitary witch for just over 10 years and have never really branched out to find oth

Moonshadow11 - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Names Axel, Solitary Pagan, but open to new ideas within practices and groups.

H20 - Nova Scotia
Ace died ....my iguanna. but he is in a better area than living in a house....even though he was 17 years of my life..... i'll leave his remains in ca

wickedbeautiful - Nova Scotia
New to the Wiccan way, looking to chat with and meet fellow followers

prettywitchplay - Truro Nova Scotia
I am a 43 year old wiccan had was raised that way but I still learn new things all the time and don\'t think I will even stop learnning my path I am a

TrinityDove - Nova Scotia, Canada
I am new to the path of wicca. I find I have questions & no "easy" answers. I am a solitary person due to mental & emotional problems, so I have no me

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