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Fellow Wiccans in canada

collegal - Windsor, Ontario, Canada
I've always been interested in the craft, but have been deepening my spiritual path lately. I am interested in learning more about the Wiccan and Paga

abbza - Chatham,Canada
hi hi, im abby. im new to Wiccan but i strive to learn more and become a full fledged Wiccan. Im very shy tho so aaAA :>

Wiccan1 - Creston, B.C. Canada

Kimmy64 - Ottawa Ontario Canada
Hi I'm a witch and ive been practicing witchcraft since I was 16 years old I'm looking for a teacher that will mentor me and a coven that will take m

SmittenKitten - Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
I'm a beginner.

MistyJ - NB, Canada
I'm a 20 year old baby witch who would love to blossom with other wiccan friends. I tend to focus more on divination, spirit boards, faerie magick, an

Harvest_moon13 - Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada
Not really sure what to put here. I'm not all that new to the craft, but I'm also definitely not all knowing either. Looking for a mentor/companion du

sweetsammy23 - Windsor Ontario Canada
I'm new to all of this looking for a little help getting started

Dawson_Ragan - Lac la Hache, B.C, Canada
I'm new to the wider teachings, however I've kept a knowledge of the old ways, and I uphold them as best I can while functioning in this modern societ

GennAugustine - Thunder Bay ON, Canada
Eclectic in practice. I take pride in wisdom, but knowing few witches in my area defeats my will to expand. So here I am. Talk up a storm, it is my el

LanaAthenaAir - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
My element is Water and my patron goddess is Athena. I don't have a specific type of Wicca that I practise. Please message me, I would love to make so

Alexguy611 - Canada
I'm Alex. I'm eclectic.

AlembicMetal - New Brunswick, Canada
I am a jeweler based out of New Brunswick. I make coin rings using old British Florin and Half Crown coins in which Fidei Defensor (Defender Of The

Holo - NB, Canada
Merry meet! I am an easy-going eclectic witch and "crazy" cat lady with a good sense of humor that enjoys astrology, gaming, and reading. I am an Ar

omorose_mesi - Sunshine Coast, BC Canada
Always learning, always open minded. I love to be near water or in forests, and I have a lovely collection of gifts presented to me from nature

Laineocean - St. Catharines. Ontario, Canada
Hello Sisters! I am a 6th generation Witch and have been working on concoctions to increase my powers. I am looking for a close group of coven s

Tempris - Maple Ridge, BC Canada

SoulAndSpirit - NB, Canada
Hello, I would love to have a fellow Wiccan/Pagan to talk or interact with.

moonwitch64 - Burnaby British Columbia Canada
Merry Meet ...I've been a witch for 16 years now I follow the Pegan Path . My name is John and right now I've been only able to talk to other Witch's

NyxFrankenstein - Orillia Canada
I am a wiccan married mom of three wonderful boys.

Trapped - Canada
Canadian witch seeking to join a coven to fine tune my abilities

Scarlett_Letter - Andrew, Alberta, Canada
Likes: My likes are so vast but they all come down to one thing... this world; this life and the things in it. Dislikes: I hate vain, jealous, hurt

MorganasWeb - St. Catharines. ON Canada

WiccanKitten - Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Hi there, and I'm looking for some other Wiccans and Pagans to share our craft, celebrate holidays, and create with. I'm happily partnered and only lo

Hlyju - Barrie Ontario Canada
Asatruarfelagid. Getting in touch with my heritage. I'm no racist and I'm not looking to hook up - I'm happily partnered. I am looking for someone of

Rowenastarling - London, Ontario Canada

dragonspirits - lethbridge, ab, canada
I am new and have done some reading and am looking for a mentor

dragon_spirits - lethbridge, ab, canada
I am new and have done some reading and am looking for a mentor

dragon_spirit - lethbridge, ab, canada
I am new and have done some reading and am looking for a mentor

Solitary - Canada
I am a solitary practitioner who is open to new ideas and ways. I have been practicing for many years, with all the years of practice I should be a pr

Lunalparamor - Ontario, Canada
Merry meet, I'm looking to make friends and learn more about the branches of paganism, traditions, and spells. I follow my own path, and if you respe

MissTea7105 - Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Kik Username : Michiah7105 My Personal Tumblr : http://twilightlily.tumblr.com My Witchcraft Tumblr: http://twilights-children.tumblr.com Shop: h

RavenMornigstar - Alberta Canada
I am married and have 2 children. I have just come back to Wicca /paganism since I was 16. My mentor had passed away. In love and light BB

Levoyageur - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
In a guest to find the truth.

Breemorgana - BC Canada
Looking for like minded people to chat with and learn from and maybe meet a man I enjoy conversing with and leaving the door open for future opportuni

herneson76 - Hanover, Ontario, Canada
I'm an animist that works mainly with the norse/ germanic gods. I'm looking for fellowship in the area

aspiringwiccan - sarnia ontario canada
im entirely new to wiccan culture with knowledge of its past and i have a deep connection to nature which i have only recently realised, im a cancer,

sarahflowerchild - canada
new studying wicca.

Bluesdawg - Angus, Ontario, Canada
I'm a hard working man who has a deep spiritual connection with the universe. I'm a star gazer, musician, renovations contractor, and blessed with gre

PaganWarrior - Canada
Soldier, lived all over the world, developed deep disenchantment with all forms of mainstream belief systems. New into the Druid/neopagan faith. Still

browmcke1999 - London Ontario canada
I was born July 1999 and I have wanted to learn about Wicca ever since I was six years old I'm hoping to find a coven in London Ontario that is willin

snakejr - saskatchewan,Canada
Married with 4 childen Pagan/Wiccan And Gypsy Traveller And Proud to 1

chewypraline - canada

Breeze63 - Kingston, Ontario Canada
I would love to learn more about wicca from a knowledgeable person. So far I have learned that most of the beliefs suit mine.

Wiccanwitchofthewest - Alberta, Canada

Yemaya - montreal, canada
Hello everyone my name is Yemaya i consider myself to be an eclectic witch, i am very drawn to nature and water. I am still learning and would love to

moon_wolf - Alberta Canada
i am just a small girl waiting for a big destiny to unfold for me, and hopefully when that time comes i will be ready. i am 13 years of age but my so

WitchAngel - N.B,Canada.

OliSim - Vancouver, Canada
French Canadian. Arrived in BC last October after years in Brazil. Solitary practitioner since 1998.

aphharley - Alberta, Canada
I'm a transgender asexual. I'm very new to the Wiccan world so be patient. I love comic books and Anime. I am fluent in 2 languages and I am currently

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