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Fellow Wiccans in ontario

collegal - Windsor, Ontario, Canada
I've always been interested in the craft, but have been deepening my spiritual path lately. I am interested in learning more about the Wiccan and Paga

vial519life - London Ontario
I have studied and practiced since i was 18 with my gf at the time got me in to it and was hooked one day she told me she had cast a spell to make me

slothinator987 - Milton, Ontario
Hi! I'm an elementalist empath who loves pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm looking for magickal friends to share this wonderful path wi

Kimmy64 - Ottawa Ontario Canada
Hi I'm a witch and ive been practicing witchcraft since I was 16 years old I'm looking for a teacher that will mentor me and a coven that will take m

Gnarlywitch - Peterborough, Ontario
I'm Franklin and I'm new to wicca, looking for friends and mentors :)

brightwing - Aurora, Ontario
Looking for friends and a mentor :)

HackFireX - Sault , Ontario
Ello folks. Its been awhile since ive connected with my pagan side. I was once a bit more connected then i am now..

BB73 - London, Ontario

Tiger3y3 - St. Catharines, Ontario

Wiccabynight - Sudbury, Ontario
I've been a practiceing Wicca for over 15 yrs, I'm a Solitary Wiccan and I Love that.

Oldsoul68 - Sarnia, Ontario
I would like to study and become Wiccan.

jesssmith7789 - Guelph, Ontario
Hello, I'm interested in learning more about Wicca practices & possibly becoming a Wiccan. :) I'd like to talk to someone who is experienced in W

sweetsammy23 - Windsor Ontario Canada
I'm new to all of this looking for a little help getting started

TraceyDemaline - Barrie Ontario

Mwerner - Ajax, Ontario
A year back a friend of mine was telling me about Wicca, and I have been fascinated with it ever since. I have always been fascinated with magic, and

Hayleyfalldown - Ontario
Pagan witch from Peterborough ON. Green herbal eclectic, on a nature based, moon filled path

Raven456 - Cornwall, Ontario
I would like o start off with a hello and I hope that you are having a good day. I am Wiccan, although, I believe in higher levels of Lords and La

Practicalcraft - Cornwall, Ontario
First off Merry meet , I've always been a free spirit and enjoyed nature, I have many places I could call home , but the woods will always be it! I

whitewitch66 - Barrie Ontario
I am very passionate about witchcraft and Wicca I have been since I was 10 I have been trying to find someone to teach me

Twillightmoon - Thunder Bay Ontario
Solitary Eclectic wiccan/witch

Joan - Milton, Ontario
Recently I have moved to Milton and I woke up or have been trying to but failing a lot. I need someone to talk to because my situation is so strange.

Umaitron - Milton, Ontario
Hi there.. I have recently contacted the world of spirits and have been doing so for some time now, and I am no longer male, and I hope you understand

Jw91 - Ontario
I am Looking for Local Wiccans/Witches to Learn and Grow with :)

Whitewitch10 - Kitchener ontario
I have been practicing spells for 5 years need any Guidance i can help

blackwidow32 - St.Thomas ontario
im looking to join a coven and meet some wiccans and make friends a join a coven

smartsonjoe1985 - Ontario

hazelnut - ontario

crystgirl - Tillsonburg Ontario
I'm honest, loyal and trust worthy. Seeking out, to find other Wiccans, and TRUE friendship.

Qtheomnipotent - Thunder Bay Ontario
Just looking for like minded individuals, not Unitarians who have simply replaced God with Nature but are still basically Christians.

whitewitch86 - Barrie Ontario
My name is Lindsay Johnston I have been in to pagan and witchcraft all my life I am hoping that I can find some one to help me learn more about it

johnnyvega789 - orillia ontario
looking for a priestess to help me along our path....johnnyvega789@gmail.com

EvaAshwood - Hamilton Ontario
Practicing pagan witchcraft. Working with many methods of magic, I keep a solitary practice but would be open to meeting like minded people and if the

ArtemisRaven - Russell, Ontario
I've been practicing witchcraft since I was 16. Looking for some like minded people in my area to chat with. Russell, Ontario (just outside of Ottawa)

Rebecca73 - North Bay Ontario
I'm new and just starting to listen to my callings. I have a Wicca friend in bc that has suggested books for me to read. But I'm also looking for some

aquasweet - ONTARIO
I have been reading and interested in spiritual learning in regards to energy and other dimensions and I have tried to learn wiccan on my own not seri

Brightblessings - Ontario
I love what this beautiful life has to offer. Sending love to all!

Ness30 - St.Thomas Ontario
Hi I'm new to becoming a wiccan looking to join a coven in st.Thomas ontario might be moving to london

Laineocean - St. Catharines. Ontario, Canada
Hello Sisters! I am a 6th generation Witch and have been working on concoctions to increase my powers. I am looking for a close group of coven s

shaniapl - Barrie ontario
looking for wickas and witches in barrie ontario, looking for someone to teach me and guide me though this life, teach me the ways and everything ther

b84blessed - Small town ontario
I've always had some soul pulling fascination and I would love to learn more. I have read alot on the net but I like hearing thing directly from someo

robin_1996 - ottawa, ontario
HI, I'm robin and i've been a wiccan for a couple of months now and need a mentor and/or coven

PaganButterfly73 - Kitchener , Ontario
I'm a Mother of 4 and grandma of 4.5 I love animals , being out in nature when I can , my family is my first and foremost my #1 priority . I'm a Gem

Jasminey7 - Toronto, Ontario
Though I have been reading about Wicca on an off for a few years, I am back and want to focus on it. I would love to meet some people in Toronto, so I

bethiehorensma - Kitchener, Ontario
My name is Bethany. I've been Wiccan a little over a year and I'm looking for friends close enough that we can actually hang out and meet for coffee a

SophiaSophiathempath - Eastern ontario

Josee - Ontario
Hi! I would love to meet other pagans in the Cornwall Ontario area...

Shayden_jj - scarborough, ontario
I'm a solitary eclectic wiccan. i have been practising for just over a year. i am also an audio engineering student at trebas institute.

Willow2232 - Hamilton Ontario
I am a beginner and I would really like to talk to new people about it and just meet people like me

Bosk - Ontario

vortexT217 - Peterborough, Ontario
Looking to get to know others that are interested in developing their spirit/consciousness

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