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Fellow Wiccans in Philippines

atheena021 - Manila, Philippines

JoelAtilano - Philippines
Singel looking for someone

Dncr621 - Baguio city, philippines
09052155320 Looking for someone near by to help me learn and evolve. My mother sensed something in me even though she is skeptic. I hope I learn

Anne - Manila, Philippines
I need a mentor to practice witchcraft please call me at 09993480558

kenzowarts - baliuag,bulacan, Philippines
I'm interested in wiccan magick. Tho I dont have any experience's on it

ylenners - Manila, Philippines
Recently started researching about Wicca and Witchcraft.

DeathsBride - Philippines
Im looking for a sensei. A true guru. I have a lot to share and learn.

lannimar - Marikina City, Philippines
Started studying Wicca when I was 18 years old. And now looking for well-known expert mentors.

Genesys - Philippines
P.m me

AmanitaPsylviaRose - PHILIPPINES | Imus, Cavite - Bahayang Pag Asa
I need a mentor. Contact me 09975779533 (Posted June 27' 2017)

HelpmeimLost - Philippines

nomad - Philippines
No comment

recluse184 - Philippines
My mother's bloodline has been full of men amd women that know wizardry but then after years and decades their bloodline are beginning to fade that is

LadyAmaunet - Philippines
i'm new to this. And I'm just starting to practice.

Nyx_Kalona - Philippines

graeae89 - Philippines

macababbad101 - Philippines
Im a teenage boy who has been abused in many times

BeaP - Carigara, Leyte, Philippines
Hi. I feel like this is meant to be. Like the force is calling for me.

sufiyatik - Philippines
Member: LNK Association of Healers and Amulet Holders

Trisy - Philippines, Cebu City
I want to be a vampire

sumireaio - Philippines
pm me

e5th - Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

iannesunshine - Philippines

WhiteQueen - Cebu City, Philippines
A solitary wiccan practicing a powerful Gay Witchcraft.

magemagess - Philippines
My whole family is a Wiccan and i'm looking for something new.

anonymee - bobon northern samar philippines
simple girl

icefox - Bukidnon, Philippines
From Bukidnon. Looking for people near my location to form a study group/circle. Hermetics, Gnostics, Filipino Esoteric. Fiat Lux!

LoveW - Baguio City, Philippines
I Love chanting spells

RougeWolf - Quezon city Philippines
Just Pm me

rawr_11o3 - Camarines Sur, Philippines
since i was a 3rd grader i was fascinated about witchcraft and wizrdry that leads me here to join you.

hawksnravens - Philippines
I want to learn a lot of things about myself

Moonlight1109 - Bacolod City, Neg. Occ., Philippines
I'm looking for tutors in any kind of path. I'm very eager to learn and preferrably I can find someone near.

theanimalwhisperer - Cainta Philippines
A Wiccan friend from other country suggested me, best If I could have a Wiccan Instructor on my own country. Therefore, You know my first objective. S

iluna - philippines
No comment

gwalchemeia - Pasay city Philippines
Loves nature that's why wicca fits me

iannedreamer - Philippines
studying and believing since 2001

beelzebub - Philippines
Love to do spells

beelzebub_10125 - Philippines
Love to do spells

ephphata_tribe - PHILIPPINES
I your looking for VOODOO. Then, voodooo choose you"!. Feel free to join in my NEW aseemble TRIBE, EPHPHATA (pronounce as E-fa-tah) ..MUST HAVE A LINE

QueenofHearts - Cebu, philippines
voodoo guardian of consensus of Dreams and nightmares

eternalburs - Manila, Philippines
Interested in learning the Pagan and Wiccan Culture.

safyrakassiopeia - Quezon City, Philippines
Hello, I am Safyra (not my birth name; I chose a new one upon embarking on this journey). I am really interested on taking the Wiccan path—and, of cou

Verona_Winchester - Mandaluyong, Philippines
Hi, I'm Verona Winchester and when i was still a kid and up to now i really wanted to learn sorcery or magic,and i will be so happy if anyone here wou

Walter - Philippines

Caellethas - Obando,Bulacan, Philippines
i will seek for knowledge to help the mother nature

Luna62 - Philippines
Luna, 13 and new to this, some of you might think i'm too young to be wiccan,msg me, Blessed be!☯

KrishUrania - Philippines
Hi. I'm Krish. I am 14 years old. I've always wanted to be a witch and please message me if you're from the same area as mine. I would love to join a

renzrenz - Las Pinas City,Metro Manila,Philippines
Im almost tired of being me. .lack of confidence,poor person,no lovelife and so many people that hate me while im doing go to them.i am skinny person,

Raven911 - Philippines
I practice shamanism. I love to travel the world and live there way of life.... that can be very hard lol... but fun as well.... im a trained therapi

a3lorenzo - Pasig City, Philippines
Follow me on Wordpress! https://a3lorenzo.wordpress.com/ I was born and raised as a catholic, my mom and my other relatives are quite religious an

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