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Fellow Wiccans in UK

Lorna - Birmingham uk
Hi my name is Lorna and Iím interested in learning about Wicca. Would like to meet like minded people and learn about any meet ups

melvinarter92 - Gloucester, UK
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RiverWolfsbane98 - Liverpool, UK
Eclectic Wiccan looking for like minded friendso! Blessed Be💖

Earthsoul - Morecambe, UK
I am a closet wiccan and has been for 2 months now, I like working with things from earth and use it in healing and cooking. I made an secret alter an

hayleycse - Hull, UK
Hi my name is Hayley I have 2 beautiful kids and I have loved Wicca and magic all my life u would love to talk to others intrested in Wicca

Liber_Viator - Ukraine, Khmelnitsky

KarrieKara - Manchester UK
Iv tried to ignore this "pull" for so many years but I always seem to end up back here, wanting to know more and wanting to know myself. I have a unca

vidfaust1 - Milwaukee
A single gay man, works in construction.

vampirelover - Pershore Worcester uk
I was in a coven about 8 year's ago but left area.so I didn't bother again until now. I'm coming back to witchcraft and would like to join a coven aga

ADeLay - Milwaukee

flowerstar - London, UK

drmonicanderson2015 - london UK
am Dr Monica form UK

Jennouwar - Yukon

Tmist - Yukon, OK
My name is Zachery and I'm new to all this and looking for people to learn from/with.

SommarMorgon - Yukon, Oklahoma
Hello! I'm Brianna. I've been a wiccan and practicing witch craft since I was 10 years old. Looking for other witches to talk to and practice with! Wo

icefox - Bukidnon, Philippines
From Bukidnon. Looking for people near my location to form a study group/circle. Hermetics, Gnostics, Filipino Esoteric. Fiat Lux!

Aeonblue - UK
Leeds UK, Member of the British Druid Order and Agnostic Polytheist my Patron is Arianhod

Anita4uall - new youk
happy new year ,? My name is Miss Anita 25 years of age,please contact me at ( Anitadeng56@hotmail.com )i have a very important message for you togeth

empathsteve - Waukegan, IL
I am a empath, that understand connections to witchcraft and wish to develop more insight.

Cricketbat - Birmingham UK
New to Wicca just reading up on the Big Blue book and have an open mind on the Craft, would like to talk to likewise people on the subject and what vi

TheSpellCastingChild - Uk
I'm am new to wicca, and would like to learn more. Blessed be

TrulySharp - East midlands UK

Lexi - Scunthorpe, UK
Hey I'm Danni and I am interested in Wicca. I look forward to meeting new people who share the same interests as me and make friends. I am also lookin

TheCoffeeShopPsychic - Leicester, UK
I am an eclectic magickal practitioner and although I come from a family of witches I follow a solitary path of personal spirituality. I am also a ski

RowanRainraven - Liverpool,UK
I'm a single mum and although I do follow some of the wiccan ways I'm more eclectic than any set path. I'm a solitary, hereditary, hedgewitch and wand

StarlingRiver - Northumberland, UK

HighPriestHerne - UK
Old Wiccan who is only really succeeding in getting older. Working to do something about that.

Lucy - Ukiah cali
Person that is sick of people using others and treating them like trash

cristinauk - uk
hey i am new to wicca and trying to learn i also got crishein2000@gmail.com but not yahoo. hope to meet people :)

Gingerwitch96 - Devon, uk
Hi, I'm Deanna. I'm a newbie with the wile Wiccan religion so if you have any advices message me :)

badjek606 - Bukidnon
I had a lot of questions since i was a child, and i do believe that i possessed something beyond ordinary, i keep on searching online to feed my curio

RichardDamien - Birmingham uk
29 Year old , new to Wicca and need to find out how to get involved in a meeting and just find out more info other than just reading online. Cant wait

moran - Scunthorpe uk
Witch who's family came over from Ireland in the 1600 hundreds to escape from the burning of witches

twisted_designs - Worcester, UK
Merry Meet, I'm married with an 8 yr old son and expecting my second at the end of November. I have been practicing since I was younger. Blessed be

SageWinters - Nashville, TN (formerly from the UK)
All of your darkest desires can be achieved if you can submit to me. Red hair, blue eyes, full lips, and long thighs, ample breasts and buttocks too,

BluestarRose - Liverpool, UK
I have been interested in tarot and Wicca since I was 12 but have never persued it till now. I have always loved nature and animals and helping others

Tozia - London, UK

lillianchurch - yukon, ok
i always thought of myself as a wiccan i did some herb spells and i know all the basics but honestly i'm not very engaged to my religion. not only tha

MidnightMoon101 - Exmoor, Somerset, UK
I am new to Wicca and I am looking for guidance and teaching, I am hoping to make friends with like minded people, maybe join a teaching group or moot

Rayden - UK
Been a wiccan almost all my life. And bid by the their laws.

Wren7 - Leicester, UK
I'm a solitary witch and have been practicing from a young age because I have a mum who is a witch. Would like to make friends with more kindred spir

smileswithin - uk

Masterofthenight - UK
I'm psychic an have been since I was 14, I'm interested in wiccan and the craft

velvetowl1 - ne,england,uk
i have a partner of 8yrs and have 3 kids. im friendly.

BirminghamPaganmootsUK - BirminghamEnglandUk
This is for Scruffy Murphy's Pagan moot held in Birmingham UK. Our new moot starts on Monday 13th January 2014. We meet fortnightly at 8pm onwards. We

LukeAnthony - LeicesterUK
Deeply spiritual, meditative and sensitive to energy and the Earth. Would like to meet kindred.

Hades1608 - Swansea, UK
Hi. I've been a solitary practitioner for about 15 years now. Less inclined to perform craft work, more on ritual observance these days! I have had on

BrumCouple - Birmingham UK
We are a married pagan couple, who continue to look, explore and learn more. We are studying the Celtic path and to become a priestess and priest. W

ezuzznmtfl - UK
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qofdutcuwz - UK
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