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Fellow Wiccans in england

j03t05 - Barnsley, England
Recently became Wiccan. Want to learn as much as I can about Wicca and spirituality.

blackpantherwicca - England
Young Wiccan looking to learn more about my religion.

SonOfGawain - Cannock, Staffordshire, England
I am new to Wicca and Paganism and am wanting to learn as much as I possibly can. I would also like to connect with people in my area involved with Wi

bitchcraft - Liverpool, England
merry meet! my name is amy, i am a student artist and writer. i am hoping to connect with other like-minded wiccans to help my knowledge in the

SMartinez123 - Birmingham, England
I'm new to Wiccan traditions but I absolutely love it! I feel calm, relaxed and need some guidance on my journey of being a new Wiccan.

Mooks - Durham North East England
Kinda new to this path. Still battling some darkness within me mentally, lots of healing to do yet. Am recovering and being reborn and reformed into t

FrloweChild - England
Child of the flowers and trees

SusannaMichelle - England
i love making friends

Malandia - Leicester, England
Hi, my name's Agata but people know me as Malandia. I'm study magic from 12 years. My favorite selection on magic are enochian, taroth card, wicca, sp

Shannonowl - Oxford england

ambereye87 - England

featherlightraven - England

rueey - england
Looking into wicca...need all the guidance i can get..... :) :) :) :)

RainbowSunshin - England
pagan all my life x happy go Lucky willing to learn x

Hangatyr - NorthWest England
I have been following the Northern Tradition for quite some time. Looking to network with other pagans. NEW AS OF MARCH 2016 Online mentori

Forgetmeknot - England
Very new to this.

elizabeth95 - Durham, England
I am better with animal and nature than I am with people. But I am a people person once you know. I dont have much to say, other than I feel that magi

divineforce1 - England
I am a student who has made the transition to wicca. I am studying wicca and learning to love earth and all on it. I would love to meet more of you

AvisYew - Leicester, England

Moonweb - Cannock, England
I encountered the Craft in my teens and have been studying and practicing ever since. I am a computer game designer, gardener and general handy-woman

Dragongirl5583 - England
I am interested in the path of Wicca. Is there anyone that can help me? I am very intrested and know it's right for me

Parthenia - England
New to this , Teen witch I have really religious dad and a strict mum who watch me and only care about my re lessons , I have to hide my books about

Expiredmoon - England
Hey I'm just a teen witch who has to stay in the broom closet due to really religous parents. All I want is to learn the way and to improve myself phy

Bozian - Hartlepool, England
Male of Viking Descent http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2577003/A-million-Vikings-live-One-33-men-claim-direct-descendants-Norse-warriors.html

willavender21 - Derby, England
I am following my spiritual path and am looking for like minded people to talk to and hopefully learn from also. I am a Libra and love nature, animal

amywinchester0 - England
I am bisexual also I live the study of dark magic as well as getting taught how to do spells and I love supernatural!!!!

Doemerkiin - England
I'm a very new Wiccan and still learning, need support and teaching from other Wiccans

GaiaEnola - Ilfracombe England
my name is Dominic born new years eve, my circle name is Gaia Enola, practice the craft when i can, i'm single, looking for friends who will understan

MusingsofaSensualPriestess - England/United Kindom
Merry Meet! This is more of a blog about my work as a Pagan High Priestess. I have a page on Facebook under the name; The Musings of a Sensual Prieste

velvetowl1 - ne,england,uk
i have a partner of 8yrs and have 3 kids. im friendly.

BirminghamPaganmootsUK - BirminghamEnglandUk
This is for Scruffy Murphy's Pagan moot held in Birmingham UK. Our new moot starts on Monday 13th January 2014. We meet fortnightly at 8pm onwards. We

MoonRose13 - England
A beginner witch, walking down the magical path. Blessed be ...

SpellBinder - Cannock England
Single,looking for love! Wud like to make new friends and meet new people! Likes all things magic and wicca! I'm honest and very open minded! Wud luv

Claireripley - England
I am new to Wicca, have read a lot over the last 6 months but think it would beneficial to have friends in the Wiccan circle as none of my friends can

Moonskye666 - England
I'm a mum of 6, grandmother to 1, i am new to the craft, i live in Crewkerne a little town in South Western England, i have a passion for the supernat

starchild93 - Portsmouth, England
Hi, I'm Ash. I live at home with my husband and our three crazy cats and lovable pooch. I like reading and creating things. I've been Wiccan for seven

Flight10 - Dudley, England
Have some experience and knowledge in Wicca and would love to meet others that do as well.

WeepingWillow22 - England
I'm a still bit of a beginner in wicca And I would love to make friends who are the same 😊

Hannah_rose93 - Stourbridge-England
Hey I am very new to all of this and am just looking for some information on Wicca as I am very interested in it. I would like to know about the diffe

Shannonwannon - Newcastle, England
Hi, I'm eclectic pagan but most of my path is based on Wicca, I've been studying for almost 3 years and practicing for over a year, so I'm still learn

AlexZandriaDeMarco - Leicester, England
I am a wiccan - Therian, my familiar is a wolf and we are unfortunatly on different continents right now.

Radiohawk - England
Straight, Anglo-Saxon

iollan12 - Liverpool, England
Solitary wiccan - still learning - looking for similar to share discussions etc.

kamusta - england
im a hippy at heart travel and adventure is my life but love the people who are wiccan

wiccasnowfall - england
im a proud married wiccan and we have 3 beautiful sons. i enjoy helping people with spells and incantations so please feel free to ask i DONT charge

Makeda - England
Solitary hedge witch. Mother of 2, wife to Raven

DarkDesires - England
I'm interested in learning more bout witchcraft and magic! I luv horror films! I'm a big fan of vampire diaries,secret circle, charmed + Supernatural!

warlock39 - Cannock, England
39yo guy into magic and wicca! Luv the walking dead,supernatural and the vampire diaries tv shows! A big fan of horror+fantasy films! very open minded

Titannia - County durham, England
Merry meet, im a 3rd degree high priestess and a traditionalist witch in light and dark magic. Im wanting to meet fellow wiccans in the Durham area wi

Araura18 - derby/England
Merry meet, I am new, and need guidance... And to meet people like myself :) I love rock and roll and heavy metal, it seems to calm my nerves and c

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