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Name AngraMainyu
Gender Male
Age 26
About meI am actually a strange mix of beliefs Luciferianism/Satanism, not Wiccan but it goes along the same belife system for me, while I subscribe to much of the Luciferian doctrine, I don't believe he is evil but unlike mainstream Luciferians I believe him to be an actual being and bringer of light. I've met him (for those who care his appearance was surprisingly gentle he permiatted gold and such was his skin and color of his wings, he had 8 wings on his back four wings on each side of his back the top set of wings were gold they were like the wings of a crane or similar bird the second set which were twice as big as the first and were gold as well the third set were only slightly smaller but barely noticeable except these wings looked like that of a bat and were black, these ones instead of having a golden glow to them had more of a black mist around them the fourth set were the same size as the first and golden like the rest as for the remainder of his appearance he was beautiful he looked no more than 20 years old slightly messy hair also golden, even his skin was golden and had a glow, on each side of his head he had a wing and slightly above each ankle as well, he gave off a feeling of electricity throughout the entire room a feeling that absolutely could not be ignored when he spoke it was in a firm but kind voice he told me that it is few people that believe in him the way I do , i am i few that believe he is good, and wanted to meet with me also to let me know I would have demons or fallen angels that would look after me, at least one maybe two, there would be other demons looking to sway me to them. Ones who after having there thrones thrown from the walls of the 2nd and 3rd heavens turned there backs on him as well they would not be coming to me in his name but in the name of there own twisted interests. That is why he would have demons to keep a watch on me and that they would not come to me in a form that would dissway me from wanting to interact with them, he was also 5he first 5o tell me 5o use his name to drive away the demons I wanted nothing to do with) and have had several interactions with demons and my personal dark gaurdian/angel/demon almost nightly I have interactions with, a lot just finding myself waking up laying on her while she strokes my hair. She is beautiful with blue and purple hair it changes constantly between the blue and purple color spectrum and gold glowing eyes with porcelain skin/black veins, a blue tail and black soft leathery wings similar to that of a bats wings on her back with small ones on her head and above her ankles and naturally sharp black nails with very sharp canines, other than that she looks human or comes to me like that. Others aren't so similar, a male that comes often to me is green, curled ram horns with sharp tipped ears, large or long mouth with all teeth razor sharp and two slits for nostrils very tall 7'5ft and slender large hands and feet that look like a roosters but large with black claws likes his hands he refers to himself as shadow or the dark shadow, where as my female guardian calls herself Alette, shadow is very arrogant but suprisingly protectful like Alette. Suprisingly also they don't particularly get along, one comes the other leaves. Although Alette first appeared coming through my closed window Shade, I call him, appeared to me in a dream grabbing my arm and pulling me out and sitting me up in my bed, he sometimes comes out of my closet unless I awake to find him watching me sleep standing on my ceiling in the corner but both tell me one thing, if anyone visits me asking to go into my closet never to go in, that whoever it would be would just ask for me to sell my soul outright and to use Lucifers name to make them leave or call one of them, if I want to make a covanent make it with one of them for less than the price of my soul just work in there name, is this a bad idea? I don't know, there's not much I can say I want as far as material things plus if I wanted to make a covanent I could do it with both Alette and Shade. I've been being visited by multiple demons lately many shapes and genders, succubi as well, I'm not sure why though and neither of my guardians can tell me why either and are trying to find out why but say do absolutely nothing they ask of me for now a visit from a demon claiming to be Baphamet told me the same as well he showed up seemingly driving away two female demons trying to make a deal with me the spacifics of which I dont know because Baphamet appeared before anything else was said, he appeared as a normal looking man with an Egyptian cloth or robe on his waist just an upside down black pentagram on his chest and his voice so deep and encompassing the entire room making my hair stand on end and the room cold as ice, he said not to talk to any demon who would not tell me there name and again to use Lucifers name or his to drive them away. I know this is hard to swallow a month ago I didn't believe in the supernatural very skeptical but ii went with a friend to a satanist group and here I am, after witnessing demons and the realization they were real and there was another world out there I threw up in from of Alette and had a pit in my stomach for weeks, im signing a blood contract with lucifer tonight.

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how are you today hope fine
and full of life i am MaryJen
by name i come across
your account profile and i
like it then i say let me drop a
note so you can contact me
back with my email(maryjenbenson@hotmail.com)
so that i can send you my pics and more
details about me the will can know
each other very well,
yours miss MaryJen

Maryjen2014-05-13 10:08:31
Hello dear
How are you? Hope fine my name is miss Blessing i am looking for a good friendship and i like you to contact me here (blessingphilippe(at).y.a.h.o.o.c.o.m)for us to share our details and photos to know each other more and please my dear do not forget reply me direct in my private box and remember to attach your nice pictures for me and i will send you mine too. I believe that What count in a relationship is care and love not age or distance (keep smiling till i hear from you again ok or may drop your own email address here for me so that i can write you later ok Blessing

eve2014-04-22 10:08:32
Hi my Dear,
Am miss Amanda,i view your profile hear and became interested to
know you, please dear i want you to contact me with this email id
(amenderoromo@yahoo.com)to enable me send my Details and pictures
to you for us to know each other better i hope to hear from you.
Yours new friend,
amanda4real2014-01-20 08:51:01

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