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Name Anubis_scion
Gender Female
Age 18
LocationRichmond, British Columbia, Canada
About meMy calling came when I was 14 but I only became a wiccan when I was 16. I'm still a relatively new practitioner since I took 2 years off to concentrate on my studies in college when I was in Singapore.

So you can say I'm just starting to really get serious in learning as much as possible about Wicca and hopefully, paganism in general.

I may have a connection with the Egyptian God of Death Lord Anubis since the moment I heard of him, thoughts of him were never far and very frequent. One of my biggest wishes is for him to give me a sign or calling in my dreams.

I'm a weird mix of a cynic and an optimist when it comes to my beliefs and my view of life.

Well, off with the serious stuff. I'm too lazy to write more so here's a copy of my facebook notes -->

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you.

1. uh...I love pocky. Then again, almost everyone who knows me knows that.

2. I used to have a locker in school (2007) that's called my junk locker. I stock up junk food like jam, nutella, packs of instant noodles, butter biscuits etc etc...and a dictionary -_-"

3. I love to eat. I detest the idea of dieting. I will NEVER do that unless for LEGITIMATE health reasons. (P.S.: my note to self is always bring sour candy as appetizer so I can eat more food...POINT.) (and I've got a very loose definition of legitimate - FUTURE high cholesterol/diabetes etc? NOT good reasons. I live only once. I'm not gonna to deprive myself of the one of the best things the world has to offer just because of that or to become some skinny-ass bitch because it's SUPPOSED to be beautiful. Oh sureeeeee. You're telling me Nicole Richie or Mary-kate has a hot body. Oh suuuuuuuure. Skele-GIRLS are hot. Riiiiiight. Bulimia is the new Ecstasy. No way am I interested in the Miss Skeleton title.)

4. I'm getting bloody addicted to online shopping. Somebody hit me.

5. I've got a phobia for insects. (I hate those little buggers. I'd rather go live in a cemetery. Um. An insect-free one that is.)

6. I like painting my toenails different colors on each foot. And if they're disgusting, I indulge in several cringes of digust before leaving them on for weeks. Orange, purple, blue, red and green can be kinda weird and disgusting but they grow on you.

7. When I die, I want to meet the Egyptian Death God Lord Anubis. If that can't happen, I wish that when I get buried, I would somehow become a "subject" for necromancers. (and NO. that does not mean I wanna become a zombie. I want to be an animated, cognizant undead. There's a freakin' difference.)

8. I would like to become a cranky, cynical person when I'm old. You know...those grumpy old people that take pleasure in having young ones at their beck and call. I'll probably do it for kicks. (scratch that "probably".)

9. Occasionally, I get the urge to shave my head bald. Never ever did it though.

(P.S.: Is it 16 yet? God I'm so uninteresting I'm wrecking my brains thinking for more.)

10. WELL...ah fine. I'm a wiccan. That qualifies as one? This is pathetic.

11. AH HA!GOT IT!What I don't like about my body. That works. Surprisingly, I find my height immensely more offending than the fact I have mosquito bites for boobs. (I actually find the boob thing funny. hmm.)

12. One day I'm gonna buy a house that's in a very deserted area with no neighbours for at least 5 miles and sleep with a .38 pistol and possibly, this dagger I've been eyeing since FOREVER but my dad refuses to buy for me! Why? Just because. And also, maybe I'll find faeries and sprites easier. NO I'm not delusional. A little bit insane maybe but not delusional. Watch the line...I didn't cross it.

13. I'm really a total slob. But, if my actions make me responsible for somebody, I become an annoying perfectionist. Go figure.

*break* I need to go pee. (P.S.: Yes I'm actually recording down my every thought and action now. Like I'm hearing this STUPID hammering sound outside that makes me wanna go hit someone)

Now I'm biting my fingernails to try and think of something to write. Ok. I'm getting a tic in my eye now...UGH!MY BRAIN IS FRIED!

14. Ok got it. I wanted to get a purple or metallic blue Volkswagen as my first car but since I'm going to be sharing the car with my mom...that desire pretty much went kaput.

15. Say hello to the Japanophile. I'm finally going to learn Japanese!YAY!Can't wait for this friday to come. (I go absolutely bat shit over japanese food)

16. I'm in love with this Chinese restaurant called Excelsior near my neighbourhood. wow. that was really a pathetic attempt.

Ok I'm done. Finally. My dog needs feeding now.

Blogs Date Posted
Search for my dragon...SUCCESS!Yesterday was a great day!I finally found my drago...2009-01-30 13:47:59

Comments Posted By Date
You are like extremely beautifulYin2010-09-14 22:09:13

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