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Name DClarke
Gender Female
Age 39
About meI am new to wiccan. I have never been told I have any Magik. But, I've had several dreams of the future that have come true, I have also when I was in my twenties said things to myself without anything just me and theven things I said bad or good would happen to those people I wished it upon. I always feel out of place anywhere I go. Basically I am needing help for a few things that are happening to me. I've always been a very sweet, nice, giving, happy, independent, strong woman. But, for the past two years I have been with this man (who is pegan) who has brought me down in every way possible. He is very controlling and very manipulating. Can make anyone believe everything he says even though it is all a lie. And I know this personally. Because he is abusive and the last time he put his hands on me I put him in jail. So, court is in 4 days and he is all over social media saying he didn't touch me. Making everyone say horrible things about me. I feel like he has maybe put a spell on me or something to that matter of using mind and emotional manipulation and even on his friends his whole life. I am looking for help to figure out if he is or has something on me. I really need help because I don't want to loose my 14 month old daughter to him if he's doing this to me and others. I don't want him to do that to my daughter in any way at all. I don't want to hurt anyone or get revenge. I just need it to stop and people stop being blind to what he is doing and saying. If anyone can help please email me at acudakreations@gmail.com my name is Dorothy

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Need help removing emotional and mind manipulation spell off me and anyone else he's cast it uponI've been dealing with my daughters father lying a...2016-06-24 12:06:19

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Honey....you are not alone out there. You are stronger than he believes. Somewhere, he told you that you had no power and you believed his bologna! You are a representation of the Goddess!!! You have power!!! It might help you a bit to realize that you are so much more mighty than he wants you to believe. I believe in you!! The Goddess believes in you. The Gods that I follow are Norse...so, I want to get all aggressive on his butt!! No one should treat you like that and you have every right to protect your beautiful baby. Time to get mean...like a momma bear. TEAR HIM UP!!! I am here for you! I have sent you powerful energies...some for strength, some for love and have asked the Goddess to watch over her children. Blessings upon you and your baby.Regin2016-08-16 21:14:15

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