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Name DarkDesires
Gender Female
Age 18
About meI'm interested in learning more bout witchcraft and magic! I luv horror films! I'm a big fan of vampire diaries,secret circle, charmed + Supernatural! Nina dobrev and megan fox,Mmmmm Hot! Luv to read and listen to music! I like to read true crime books, I'm very open minded,easy going and non judgemental! I'm Bisexual,into s+m and bondage and Kinky Sex, lol! I luv nature and animals and being naked in the woods! I'm a nudist and worship the goddess Skyclad! Want to make new friends with like minded people. I am what I am and what u see is what u get! I'm not ashamed of how the goddess made me! Do as u will but harm none! That is the law I follow!

Blogs Date Posted
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Hot Sex!I want hot sex with a spirit friend!...2013-02-23 10:01:29
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Horny FemalesFancy a flirty chat with me? Xx...2013-01-23 20:45:35
Chat or Flirt?Any girls out there who wud like to chat or flirt ...2013-01-17 08:52:36
Bi or LesbianAny bi girls or lesbians want to chat?...2013-01-08 11:06:23
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so lonelyIsn't there anyone out there want to chat to me?...2012-11-19 13:36:28

Comments Posted By Date
i will worship skyclad with you and be your masterMagikN2015-01-03 06:41:37
Hi there. Im Kla, im 20 & Im Bi. I am interested in the same things as you. Would love to chat! ( :WhiteBeauty332013-06-02 15:36:41
I think u are hot..
johnbond112013-05-16 04:51:11
Cheers to Skyclad pix!5311985Sal2013-04-24 17:43:32
hey whatsupedy19892013-04-22 13:09:05
I like valmpiric magick.edy19892013-04-20 23:29:00
Your super sexywiseone82013-04-11 05:45:17
Salutationes Dark,


More information would be required in order to answer such a question.
1. Have you performed any black magic to bring forth such an entity?
2. Have been working spells etc. on your own not knowing what you are doing?
3. Do you have friends and or acquaintances who are Wicca and may have summoned this upon you. Real manifestation or mental perceived demon.
4. Are you seeking attention or is this a real situation.
Thaldon2013-04-06 12:50:29
Luv the vampire diaries Damon is so hot!!!!Ravengoddess2013-04-06 08:25:50
i love the vampire diaries too lolSylvia2013-03-07 03:12:14
would defintely punish u my little slavesquidness2013-01-31 10:40:15
heysquidness2013-01-30 11:21:28

Hello dear.
How are you today,i hope you are fine?
My name is susan wilfred i saw your profile today at (wiccanspace.com) and i
love it, i think we can build a good relationship from there, So please write me back through my email address for more details (susanwilfred50@yahoo.in)
am waiting for your lovely
reply soon.
From susan

My dear please contact me with this email (susanwilfred50@yahoo.in)
susanbaby1232013-01-02 17:01:18

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