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Wiccan Profile: GothicRhyme - Salt Lake City, Utah

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Name GothicRhyme
Gender Female
Age 20
LocationSalt Lake City, Utah
About meI was raised a Mormon, but I know in my heart that Wicca is my true religion. I have only been practicing for a little while, but I feel very confident in the things I work with. I'm really into spirit animals, speaking with spirits, and divination through the incense smoke. The first time I was looking into incense smoke, a dragon appeared to me in the smoke, and since then I have been very interested in divination through the pictures I see in the smoke. Each time I practice, I see and understand more. A little while ago it revealed to me my secondary spirit animal, the stingray. Talk to me if you think you'd like to know something. I feel very confident in answering questions people have for me. And if you would like for me to ask the incense a question you have, I will let you know what it tells me. Merry meet

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Comments Posted By Date
You're an awesome person from what I can tellJean_Clark2016-01-13 12:24:11
Hi sister. This is my hypothesis on otherkin based on lots of dreams I've had and remote viewing experiences. I think there are two basic types of otherkin, which is spirit otherkin, and physical otherkin, and most are combinations of both. Most humans are actually not completely "Terran" or 100% earthling because our planet has been seeded.
In the ancient past, many genetic experiments were done by powerful aliens called Annunaki, and they made lots of human-animal chimeras such as mermaids and satyrs. Then, the chimeras had sex with animals and humans. The chimeras and humans went insane from the weird sex and confusion, so the Annunaki heated up the earth to create an artificial flood, and killed all their experiments saving the DNA from the most pure strains in an ark, which is a spaceship that orbited the earth during the flood, and returned after the waters receded.
Since then, the Atlanteans rose to power and did genetic experiments, and had nuclear wars, creating the great deserts in southwestern North America, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Gobi Desert in Asia. These are actually nuclear wastelands.
Also, aliens and Inner world races are currently altering our own genes. A lot of us have otherkin type souls because we were those creatures more in past lives than others.
I have seen two vampires in the past few months. Both of these people had extremely prominent natural canines, so much so, I was startled.
EnochFreeman2015-12-25 22:04:14
If you're still willing could you take me in as a student? I need a teacher because I feel great in this religion I'm just so hopefully lost I don't know what to do. Kuvasz2015-01-04 11:28:02
Hi gothicRhyme i enjoyed reading your blog my herbs. I went through a similar experience when my mom pass and i had to put all my belonging in a storage. my family mislabeled the box and i could not find my sacred woman pagan book and i felt spiritally deprived. The best thing you could do at a time like that is subsitute until you get the real thing. Sage and candles are my favorite for rituals. Well best wishes and keep blogging.soulsister2014-07-30 23:51:53
how are youwyattfamily20162014-05-17 00:56:00
This is my other account. its jennalynn. yes i argued with my self.DianaMoonraven2014-02-09 00:03:46
Sometimes we see our inner self through our third eye. this creature may in fact be yourself in protection mode if you have been feeling threatened lately. The creature returning to a less menacing state may also be yourself under less threatening circumstances. meaning, you can be fierce when threatened and passive or peaceful when not. ScarletRayne2014-01-25 13:23:12
Merry Meet!
I simply wanted to let you know there are some on this site that aren't here to hook up. If you'd ever like a friend, outside opinion on something, or even a pickmeup, you can always message me.
Blessed Be,
AngeltheForbidden2013-07-09 02:31:54
Luv ur picsRavengoddess2013-05-11 09:06:51
Take care in the words that you speak, and ths actions you seek.. The new moon is on the 10th if May. Try an unbinding spell .5311985Sal2013-04-22 06:54:19

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