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Name HecateRavenHood33
Gender Female
Age 33
LocationWood village oregon
About meI am a beginner... I feel that this is the right path for me... And I need help with my craft... I have a learning disability and it makes it difficult to read... I'm not ashamed of this but I do need help understanding and reading some of these exotic crazy words... I'm a wife a mother of 3 and in extreme massive heart-wrenching pain.. I have really really bad arthritis knees... so it's kind of difficult to concentrate read and all the above... It's taking me a year to read a book on magick and I'm still not finished because of my learning disability so I may ask you for questions and I believe talking and sharing is the best thing for you to do because for people like me that's the only way I will understand no big words if your messaging me and I hope we are great friends... Blessed Be

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