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Name Immortal
Gender Female
Age 51
LocationBig Island of Hawaii
About meHello and merry meet!

After being a Christian for most of my life and giving it every possible chance, and it coming up foul over and over, I left about 5 years ago. My first instinct was to become a Pagan, but I became a Buddhist because I didn't want to "prove a bad man right" and become a witch. He had said I was a witch and prophesied I would "lose my salvation." Buddhism is great, but my beliefs differ on certain key points, so I became an atheist. But not a real atheist, because I was royally pissed with god, and of course, atheists don't believe in gods. Hubby is a real athiest. He was thrilled. Then I forgave god and became a Pagan this year on Beltane. He has learned to accept it.

My first thought was become a witch. After all it was practically a prophesy that I was one already. I looked into it and walked away about four times.

I have cast a circle and done kitchen magic, but I have had plenty of doubts about my being Wiccan so far. I can conjure up energy in my hand to fill the house and property, and I have been successful in whatever I do. But I have had lots to overcome. Hang-ups gallore.

Grandma died. I had business to take care of and all was put on hold. It was not good. Plus I always get depressed at the end of November/beginning of December, which snuck up on me. My spiritual life went cold suddenly,

Yesterday, I had a dream. Meaning was: I am Wiccan. And I have witches to protect in my coven somewhere. This has reinvigorated my spiritual life from nothing to on fire.

I am a newbie, granted. But I belong here.

Thanks for listening....

Love, Immortal

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Idk how long it's been since u've been on this website but I wanted to say that I'm glad there are other people Wiccan-like and live in Hawaii respect the land any way u are sustainable to.EverAfter2017-04-04 22:50:10

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