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Name Jamiew93
Gender Female
Age 20
LocationDallas tx
About meI am jasmine i am 20 years old i live in dallas tx i have been a wiccan/witch since i was 14 but for some reson i cant find my powers out n i would like to know more about the craft. My grandam was a psychic and could see and talk to the dead n iuse to be able to manipulate the elements... Anyway i really would love a mentor. And if u how any questions you can message me here thank you.

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One more, sorry these are so long.
Symbol-Language Feedback
When developing skill in Higher Sensory Perception, the various levels of the
multidimensional mind begin to work more smoothly and effectively in cooperation with the 3-
dimensionally conscious mind. The various 15-dimensional levels of mind can be simply
understood as the Subconscious Mind of dimensions 1 and 2, the Ego Mind of dimension 3,
and the multidimensional Spiritual Mind levels of dimensions 4-15. All of the levels of mind are
conscious, awake and aware, and each represent a “platform of perception” through which the
Self takes in information from the multidimensional spectrum. The Ego Mind speaks in linear
words and language patterns and the various other portions of mind speak in a variety of
electrical-impulse languages and “direct cognition.” The “language barrier” between the other
levels of mind and the Ego Mind can be bridged by the Ego Mind taking the initiative and
creating Symbol-code Agreements with the various aspects of mind. In creating Symbol-Code-
Agreements, the Ego Mind sets a parameter for a specific symbol or shape and assigns a
meaning to that symbol. The chosen symbol is then run through the Chakra System where its
form and direct cognition of meaning are translated into the electrical impulse language of the
multidimensional levels of mind. The Ego Mind may then use the Symbol-Code to retrieve
conscious feedback from the various levels of mind. In the following technique, a very simple
Symbol-Code-Agreement will be used to allow the Ego Mind to access greater information
regarding whether or not it is in one's best interest to interact with something. Among other
applications, this technique is very useful in determining if a specific visitor contact is harmful or
helpful to your evolution.
1. In this technique the Symbol-Code of a Circular White Sphere will be used as the Bridging
Symbol between the Ego Mind and the other levels of the Multidimensional Mind. The Sphere
will symbolize the INTENTION of wholeness, health and positive personal evolution.
2. Hold the image of a White Sphere in mind, visualizing it as a Pure White Sphere of energy
on the inside of your forehead. Give the mental affirmation to yourself. “This image stands for
my wholeness and perfection of mind-body-spirit.”
3. INHALE and draw the image of the White Sphere into the center of the brain at the Pineal
Gland, then use the EXHALE breath to push the White Sphere down through the center of your
body, out between your legs and deep into the Earth's core.
4. Imagine the White Sphere deep in the Earth at Earth's core (your 13th Chakra), then use
the INHALE breath to draw the White Sphere back up from the Earth's core through the center
of your body and back to the Pineal Gland. Steps 1-4 set the symbol code and its intention into
each Chakra that corresponds to each level of the multidimensional Mind, using the energy
currents of the Kundalini at the Pineal and Base of the Spine to carry the electrical impulse
translation of the Symbol-Code. This is called Symbol-Code Induction.
5. Once the Symbol-Code is induced into the bio-energetic field, it becomes an operational
frequency gauge, translating feedback from your other levels of mind, to let you know if
something is conducive to maintaining perfect alignment of the mind-body-spirit system. You
can then imagine a person, idea or object upon the “inner screen” on the inside of your
forehead. Place the image of the White Sphere around the image.
6. Breathe normally for a minute or two, and observe if the White Sphere remains White in
color, or if it begins to grow darker, ranging from light gray, to dark gray to black. The darker the
Sphere becomes the more damaging is the item placed within it to your maintaining perfect
alignment of body-mind-spirit. With repetition and frequent practice, this technique can become
an accurate “quick gauge” to give you practical feedback guidance from your own highest
levels of mind.
Spiralmatrix2017-09-17 20:55:15
Jamiew93, this will help.
Exercise 1: Detecting Variations in Frequency
Select several objects of a size you can hold in your hand.
1. Choose the first object, observe its contours with your eyes and feel its apparent weight,
first in the left hand, then in the right hand.
2. Close your eyes and place the object in your RIGHT PALM
3. INHALE, drawing the breath into the center region of the breast (4th Heart Chakra).
4. Then use the EXHALE breath to push the energy of your attention down the RIGHT ARM
and through the RIGHT PALM into the object you are holding.
5. Transfer the object to the LEFT PALM and INHALE the energy signature of the object up
the RIGHT ARM to the 4th Heart Chakra.
6. EXHALE the energy drawn up through the RIGHT ARM into the Heart Chakra, and try to
sense the specific “feel” of this energy signature around the shoulder area. Steps 1-6 bring an
imprint of the object's energy signature into your 4th dimensional astral body.
7. INHALE, then use the EXHALE breath to move the energy signature down to the region
just below the Navel at the center of the body (the 2nd Sacral Chakra).
8. INHALE, then use the EXHALE breath to push the energy signature from the 2nd Chakra
out on a horizontal plane just below the Navel. Sense the “feeling” of the energy signature from
this area. Steps 7-8 bring the frequencies of the energy signature into the 2nd-dimensional
emotional body sensory facility, where a stronger sensation of energy distinction can be
9. Try steps 1-8 again with the next object and focus your attention on sensing the differences
between the various energy signatures carried by each object. Through practice of this process
your neurological system will begin to develop greater sensitivity to reading and detecting
differences between subtle energy frequencies.
Spiralmatrix2017-09-17 20:49:55
your higher identities can teach you far more intersting things about magic and your abilities. i recommend working on developing your sensitivity to energy, opening your mind more to your soul, try meditation.i hope those suggestions will be a helpful start for you. we live pretty close to eachother also, and i wouldnt mind talking with you and showing you helpful things.Spiralmatrix2017-09-17 18:54:58
Hello sister.
Here's a list to help you discover the powers within you:
1) Discover your element.
-What element pulls you towards it the most. My element is that of fire.

2) Focus.
-I can't tell you how many people don't just stop to just focus. Aim all of your central energy into what you please to do.

3) MOST IMPORTANT!!! Breathe.
-Breathing is natural in all life. It brings in the energy around you and helps you to focus.

Once you have done all of this and you have discovered your inner powers, be wise on how you choose to use your gift(s).
Remember. Harm none, do as ye will.

I hope that you find you gift(s) given to you by the goddess.
Blessed be.
FollowTheGoddess2014-09-25 03:02:02
Hello dear
How are you? Hope fine my name is miss Blessing i am looking for a good friendship and i like you to contact me here (blessingphilippe(at).y.a.h.o.o.c.o.m)for us to share our details and photos to know each other more and please my dear do not forget reply me direct in my private box and remember to attach your nice pictures for me and i will send you mine too. I believe that What count in a relationship is care and love not age or distance (keep smiling till i hear from you again ok or may drop your own email address here for me so that i can write you later ok Blessing

eve2014-04-28 08:30:13

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