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Name Jlewiskr
Gender Female
Age 19
LocationOahu, Hawaii
About meSo... About me? I love art, and corny jokes. And I read, alot. I'm here because I grew up in a very Christian home, and I don't know anyone that I can talk to that shares my beliefs. Im also looking for a teacher... The internet and books are great and all... But... Yeah. Also I moved to Hawaii a few months ago.

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this should be an aid to you.
Exercise 1: Locating Energy Fields Dimensional Grid Scan
1. INHALE, then use the EXHALE breath to project a field of your consciousness from your
4th Heart Chakra into the room you are in, as if your consciousness fills every nook and cranny
in the space. Take several breaths if necessary, projecting and expanding with the EXHALE,
more of your consciousness from your 4th Chakra into the room, until you can sense around the
shoulder area, the “feel” of the boundaries of the room around you.
2. Breathe normally, and close your eyes, focusing your attention into a dark space on the
inside of your forehead. Imagine that you can now see, within the dark space on the inside of
your forehead, the room or space you are reading as an image of a 3-dimensional
“Crosshatched Grid” of energy-light; the Grid of the room appearing as lines drawn in light
against a black background. 3. Pick the dimensional level of the room you desire to scan by
using its primary color (wave-length) frequency and imagining the Cross-hatched Grid of light in
your image turning into lines of light made of the chosen color. (dimensional color-frequency
spectrum—see pp. 52 and 68).
4. INHALE, then use the EXHALE breath to project the energy of your consciousness into the
center of the Cross-hatched Grid in your image.
5. Imagine the energy of your consciousness as a small Point of White Light positioned in the
center of the space created by the Grid.
6. From this Point of awareness, imagine that you are scanning each section of the space
inside the Grid for visitors or life forms. In your inner image, look for the presence of other
energy fields within the Grid, that you did not intentionally imagine there. If visualization is
difficult for you, simply sense the presence of the Grid you created, and “feel” for life-force -
variations in the energy space inside the Grid.
7. Upon locating an “invisible-from-3-D” presence in your Grid image, open your eyes and
sense the location of the room you are in that corresponds to the location in the inner image of
the Grid, to locate the “invisible visitor” in the room. With practice of this technique you can learn
to quickly locate interdimensional energy presences within a space, and you can also tell from
what level in the dimensional frequency spectrum they are initiating visitation.
Spiralmatrix2017-09-17 21:24:11
Hi I'm a Christian also I don't know if I could help because I'm new and looking for a teacher but I would love to talkSonya_xoxo_2016-11-17 00:29:06
hey there, grew up in a roman catholic house myself. pm me if u wanna talkLady_Indigo2016-05-04 19:48:10

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