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Gender Female
Age 50
Locationshreveport airport at the time
About meI know magick works. im a bit rusty been over 30 years since ive practiced the gift. . magick is science unknown. my family needs to completely stop smoking killing us. .calling on help to help me put stop to my kids. . parents. . and i cigeratte smoking and to get happy and healthy and all working and homes and vehicals. . and housing and favor. good to be getting bk into what i was born for. i was born 666@6:06pm, full moon. people in my town of stanley . . . hurting my parents. . my kids. . me. . and my brother. . and trying to steal our property and assets. . meth addicts and organized crime here. be blessed and help me get justice for the pain theyve done to my small family. . in DeSoto parish.I just want happiness . . time to short for all this against my family. thanks . . good to be bk

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