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Name Lunalparamor
Gender Female
Age 18
LocationOntario, Canada
About meMerry meet, I'm looking to make friends and learn more about the branches of paganism, traditions, and spells. I follow my own path, and if you respect me I'll probably give you the same courtesy. I am an eclectic witch, I abide by the Rede, and take part in the 8 sabbats, also I like Hindu philosophy.

I have pantheistic views, embrace and love nature, and male and female divinity. I feel a connection to Gaea, the Triple goddess(es), and the horned god Pan or Cernunnos.

It's only recently that I've started to have less nightmares. I've had to either use my wit or rely on a guardian in my dreams. I can sometimes lucid dream, but have yet to astral project consciously. I've flown in dreams. I've dreamt of deities, dragons and angels as guardians or friends.

I sometimes have visions when meditating, though I should meditate more than I actually do.

My personality is very similar to my zodiac Cancer.

About what I use in my practice:
- Runes, Sigils
- The typical tools
- Smudge with sage
- Drink teas, and would like to learn more about herbs
- Meditate
- I would like to learn weather magic too.

Merry meet, and Merry part, and Merry
meet again, Blessed be, So mote.

Blogs Date Posted
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Open minded and curious.I grew up in different faiths but have always been...2016-05-19 18:58:48

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