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Name Robin
Gender Male
Age 24
About mebeen following the path of wicca ever since i was 16 year old

Blogs Date Posted
Looking back (powerful)Damn. Looking back on how i thought, looking back ...2017-07-06 04:13:26
Never always forever ventingRan away, cried alone. fake friends, drugs, she m...2016-07-14 01:39:28
2015 poem for the not-afraidim 22 years old now, Im not getting any younger, i...2015-04-26 15:54:34
No oneNo one watered me, so I became a cactus. No sunlig...2011-12-14 05:07:57
Sacred LoveLove used to be special. Love used to mean thinkin...2011-12-14 02:21:10
Because I have youThough i'd die to know you love me I'd never kill...2011-11-23 23:40:45
Poems Volume 1Life's Greatest Treasure: Is finding one's self m...2011-11-22 23:28:42
Winter to comeFor Kitty: I'm sitting here, thinking about the...2011-11-21 11:57:03
For KittyA day to Remember: What a life, What a chance ...2011-11-20 21:39:23
My lifeA midnight to remember: At midnight, a boy wa...2011-11-20 21:23:53
bye wiccanspacewiccanspace, you gave me two heart aches... two re...2011-05-06 16:45:39
how do u delete a bloghow do u delete a blog. i see how to add a blog. i...2011-01-02 04:09:03
merry meet and merry part, omg i have to fartjk im tired as hell it's 4 am and i cant sleep...2011-01-02 04:07:04
how can you love someone, with all you've got, an...2010-03-03 23:19:44
Destroying all mythsdo not do love spells directed at any one specific...2009-12-23 16:20:14
Will i never find love?Like flies Like flies, my thoughts keep bothering...2009-12-21 23:24:04
Me dabbling in the art of WisdomA man my become many things in his lifetime, accom...2009-12-21 23:23:29
Me dabbling in the art of PoetryBefore you continue reading, Caution! If you throw...2009-12-21 23:22:35
One suicidal eveningGoodbye cruel world, and all your sorrows. I am g...2009-12-21 23:19:47
all i know about wiccaWhat do you want me to say? that I am an evil pers...2009-12-21 23:18:56

Comments Posted By Date
Beautiful poem. I'm 22 as well and have been feeling the same way. It's good your love has taken you there, that's how you know it's true and sincere. Don't ever let it burn out. The flame of one's heart is a light to shine for age and age to come. Blessed be.Lyonel2015-04-27 07:15:36

Hi my Dear,
Am miss Blessing,i view your profile hear and became interested to know you, please dear i want you to contact me with this email id
(blessingphilippe@yahoo.com)to enable me send my Details and pictures to you for us to know each other better i hope to hear from you.
Yours new friend,

eve2014-05-01 07:39:14
i miss you... idk something keeps pulling me to you... but im so scared.... http://www.youtuberepeater.com/watch?v=SyKXLaf4QeE&name=HIM+Scared+To+Death+Video
Kittykatcraft2011-11-20 22:56:44
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Blessed Be )O(
Magicalnewage2010-02-03 23:25:06
Your in the right direction, and your very handsome on top of being a rather good creative writer :) TheCraft2010-01-08 22:55:49

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