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Name Thalassa
Gender Female
Age 14
LocationMid Michigan
About memy name is Thalassa. im going thru alot of confusion. im actually looking for help, mostly friends and a mentor. me and my friend Asraie r creating a coven called the Secret Circle.
plz message us to join


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Hello dear.
How are you today,i hope you are fine?
My name is susan wilfred i saw your profile today at (wiccanspace.com) and i
love it, i think we can build a good relationship from there, So please write me back through my email address for more details (susanwilfred50@yahoo.in)
am waiting for your lovely
reply soon.
From susan

My dear please contact me with this email (susanwilfred50@yahoo.in)
susanbaby1232013-01-04 06:57:15
Yes, someone can transfer energy through touch. Sending as well as receiving energy through the palms of your hands is an ancient art which has been called by many names (reiki, healing, etc.) but it's not about the names. This art is almost instinctual in nature and comes about very naturally.

There are those of us who are very sensitive to energies so we can feel with an almost "sixth sense". Through this comes our intuition, our empathy with others, etc.

A good exercise to try is to put your palms out like you're receiving something and then breathe in deeply and visualize energy coming to your palms and your palms absorbing this energy into your body. YOU WILL FEEL THIS after a few breaths. You can also breathe OUT deeply and put your palms out like you're projecting energy out and visualize energy coming out of your palms. This will teach to how to receive as well as project energy and how to be aware of it.

Thoughts are made of energy so when you wish to manifest something visualize the energy of that thought coming out of your palms and put your hands up and visualize it going out into the universe. Then put your hands down and visualize the same energy of that thought going into the earth (As above (mind, heaven), so below (body/physical realm). This is how you actively participate in casting as well as FEELING withcraft at work!

You can do the same thing with this exercise to put your palms on someone and lend them energy if they're tired or drain them of energy (not a very nice thing to do; draining folks of energy that is). You can do this with visualizations of healing to heal people, to cheer up moods, etc. etc. Visualize and project! You are the magick, your are the power!

Just remember, an it harm none, do what thou wilt!

I hope this answers your questions.

Blessed Be!

Lyonel2012-12-18 01:02:53

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