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Name Tveir_Ceelus
Gender Male
Age 30
LocationArdmore Oklahoma
About meI am a happily married man of 30 with no children. I got on here to meet others.
I was raised in a Christian conservative household that I eventually grew out of. It wasn't until much later that I discovered the occult, and I haven't looked back since. Magick called to me and I embraced it.
Ever since then I have been on a search for knowledge and power. I am daily realizing a deeper understanding of myself and the Magickal energy around me.
I have touched the minds of spirits and discovered how interested they are in human evolution and how eager they are to assist us.
I believe in the Left-hand path. And no, that doesn't mean I'm a Satanist. I am most definitely NOT a Satanist.
The Left Hand Path promotes the individual. Not through selfishness, but through focus on your self. We must all be independently strong.
Only through individual diversity and independence can we be the pillars on which civilization can make its next leaps. If we all practice the same Magick, we become like a stagnate gene pool. But through diverse knowledge and diverse practitioners we can flourish.
We have evolved [socially] to work large groups but that inhibits growth because you must deal with too many inconsistencies. The church setting is a dead end for spiritual growth because it is a Right Hand Path idea. That path promotes conformity and submission to someone else's ideas, philosophy, and set of morals. It wishes you to sacrifice your individuality for someone else's cause. The Left Hand Path wants you to discover your own ideas, philosophy, and morals that are within you, that have always been within you
I have developed a unique practice through combining many different aspects of the occult. I believe very deeply in the power of Magick, in the occult, in the hidden knowledge that permeates all things.
I want to discover the secrets of the occult but I believe that a large group setting like a church dilutes the individual power of the magician and drags down those with true potential.
I believe in strengthening the individual, and if the individual is strong they can contribute to humanity with their own strengths with far greater creativity and focus because they would be individually strong and they would know themselves and what they were capable of. If every human individual would do this, we would already be colonizing the solar system and war would be a thing of the past.
-Tveir Ceelus

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