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Name cassiekcb21
Gender Female
Age 15
LocationBridgeport, IL
About meI've been Wiccan since I was 13 years old. I come from a very long line, dating back to the 1500s when my ancestor Janet Bowman was killed in Scotland for practicing withcraft. I am the High Priestess of a coven that has yet to be completely filled. I prefer to have one of each zodiac to be my main members, though more are welcome to be second class! If you are interested in joining the Pure Moon Coven, please message me 16189284667. I'm always welcome to newcomers. Do not let my age allow you to look at me any differently. Merry meet and merry part. Blessed be!

Blogs Date Posted
New rule!From now on, Zodiac signs will not be a factor in ...2017-05-28 08:43:10
Member alert- 2/28/2017Merry Meet! The Taurus spot is now, once again, o...2017-02-28 13:54:14
New Member! 2/7/17As of now, the Aries spot in the Pure Moon Coven i...2017-02-07 21:53:47
New Member! 2/7/17As of today, the Pure Moon Coven has gained a memb...2017-02-07 21:35:58
Coven Openings 2/3/2017 Currently, there are 11 open slots in the First...2017-02-03 21:46:47
1st Class Witch Rules 2/3/2017 FIRST-CLASS WITCHES: To be kicked out of the cove...2017-02-03 21:35:00
Potential 'Pure Moon Coven' ApplicantsMerrily, we meet again! I am looking for potential...2017-02-03 21:33:46
Welcome! 2/3/2017Merry meet fellow Witch! My name is Cassie! I'll b...2017-02-03 21:15:38

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