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Name jennalynnfix
Gender Female
Age 20
Locationbutler pa
About mei enjoy reading,a good laugh,friend time,talking,and time to be by myself. also it seams as if wicca has bean part of me my whole life. although i've bean going to different churches all my life. well actually since i was about three. please don't let that get to you. well i would like to make some new friends. fare warning i can't realy garuntee that i'll stay out of church because if i do i won't be me. im bi.

Blogs Date Posted
HelloHi. It's been awhile since I last logged on. How h...2016-04-03 12:49:20
hello againhi. its been awhile since i posted. just wanted to...2014-09-01 14:24:35
your interpritations pleaseI had a dream last night that i was in a cave. i w...2014-06-21 23:41:39
one month/amost a year to six yearsAlmost a year ago i decided to be a Satanist. one ...2014-06-08 08:54:59
well...Well its about six am. im up. im bored. oh and f...2014-05-21 05:06:42
is there any way...Hey all. Is it possable to rid onesself of any pow...2014-05-18 11:13:39
another oneWell... we have two cats. then there is Sebastian....2014-03-11 04:57:08
a willing victem errr friendOk so a friend of mine and i were talking and thin...2014-03-07 16:29:19
death in the family(3)First my friends uncle died. then his grandmother....2014-03-07 16:22:32
elements and historySo i was talking to my step grandmother last night...2014-02-28 05:27:46
engagementIf i misspell anything im sorry... Those of you w...2014-02-23 13:58:14
well... its cold. im stuck babysitting. im bored. im gonna...2014-02-08 13:04:31
okay. informed.All right. as stated in my previous blog i accepte...2014-01-25 13:24:55
coping with fear and saying yesAs in my previous post post i am still trying to g...2014-01-24 17:57:27
seeking advice and insperationOk... i journal a lot now... it helps when i have ...2014-01-18 04:48:11
good? bad? clueless...So ive been talking to this guy. he seems honest, ...2014-01-14 16:40:20
confused...Ok. according to many authers and other people my ...2013-12-29 00:28:55
how do you...how do you delete your profile on this website? ...2013-10-09 15:41:35
strange dreams...Ive been having dreams that cause a bizar reaction...2013-09-21 13:52:40
picturesI have been informed that people think i should ha...2013-08-24 22:23:58
a demon asked me to marry him...hi. uummm... well this is akward.... (refer to ...2013-06-06 16:35:19
cousinIm gonna spend some time with my cousins today. th...2013-05-11 11:58:47
what the..... okay so i was talking to my friends guy and asked...2013-04-06 14:36:23
wiccanMany of you know that for a long while i have stru...2013-04-04 17:37:06
almost 16My sixteenth birthday is in a couple of weeks. itl...2013-03-28 19:33:09
succubus.... mayby...What are the signs of being a succubus? not to tel...2013-02-25 16:09:10
first set.... last night i recieved my first set of runes. i wa...2012-12-25 08:56:39
crazy and scared.i had a wierd dream last night.i was at my grandmo...2012-11-08 18:04:15
why i started...when i was little i thought witches were evil. th...2012-11-02 20:35:59
what is going on?!?!havng some kind of energy burst. running faster. l...2012-07-24 14:19:28
and all these years i thought i was human.first opionion im a psychic vampire. second person...2012-07-21 21:30:35
hey.hi again. you can also find me at vampirerave.com ...2012-07-21 10:45:49
terrifiedhey gues what i might be a vampire!!!!! i am curre...2012-07-20 22:31:46
things.....all of me u will never know. not even a quarter o...2012-07-20 17:26:40
wowim growing away from the church. im finding my way...2012-07-13 15:58:50
k. help again.the element fire and the god Hades, any connection...2012-06-04 18:26:38
jsyk.hey just so u know im bi....2012-06-04 16:21:14
help need advice.k so if u have read my profile u know that i go to...2012-05-28 09:05:20
okay wait. what?k so i read that there were people called druids. ...2012-05-04 18:16:36
has this ever happend to you?okay so i was at church and something told me to l...2012-02-18 15:40:38
what and why????what is with u people? why is it after i blog almo...2012-02-15 16:53:01
what are... what are signs of becoming or being a vampie?...2012-02-12 19:53:38
what is the...what is the secret circle about? i would like to g...2012-02-11 16:59:01
hey you can find me on...hey if you want to find me on the web i have a fac...2012-02-11 16:45:07
what happens when...what happens when you use a spell that calls for a...2012-02-06 19:30:34

Comments Posted By Date
Yeah I love animals too. :D
JessPi2014-03-10 17:45:27
Draw what you feel at the very moment you feel the urge / need to draw. Don't hold back put your thoughts and feelings on paper and set them aside for a week or so and then look at them and try and recall what made you feel that way on that day. Pictures are worth a thousand words !!!ScarletRayne2014-01-25 13:27:14
Everything in life has a balance and personally I don't believe in either pure evil or pure goodness but I believe everyone has good and evil in them. Our actions depend on the situation and what we are faced with but I fully believe in the karmic law of 3.....what we send out returns 3 fold so just becareful with your choices. ScarletRayne2014-01-25 13:07:54
In regards to your astrological question dealing with the four elements. What is your birthday, so I can better address your question? I don't believe there is an order from most to least. Each of these elements are unique and have their own energetic qualities to be used for different purposes. I like to incorporate feng shui into my practices. According to feng shui, each of these elements represent a direction - Water is North, Earh is East, Fire is South, and Air or Metal is West. Water/North represents your career, goals, and success, so water is a good element to use for those purposes. Earth/East is for health and family, fire/south is for love and popularity or fame, metal is for creativity and children, air is for travels and helpful people. All of these can be used in the way you perform your rituals and the way you decorate each room in your home or your entire home in general to maximize each elements natural energetic flow. Now, it is my belief that water destroys fire, it will literally put your flame out. This does not mean that you can't use water in practice and decor, but it should be done so sparingly and carefully. A water sign person would be the least ideal mate for you. You will feel energetically drained and "put down" by water sign people. In what ways exactly are you attracted to water? Are you finding yourself drawn to water elements in practice, or water sign people, or just water in general such as swimming/bathing etc. ?Crystal12292013-12-30 11:01:07
just stay open and accepting your heart will lead the way5311985Sal2013-05-14 21:55:42
Hey Sorry for the EXTREMELY late reply! I still do have ton of information I can share with you. Comment on my profile if your still interested. =) Blessed Be, WaterLily Pixie! damianna_darkstar20102013-05-13 14:39:43
Just be accepting and respectful of their opinions. I find that it's the hardest to explain to Christians that witchcraft is not evil and work of the devil. my mother is this way. for the longest time she has looked down on her cousin who is the witch, but now that I have become a pagan it's almost like I forced her to accept that is not evil. I'm almost 100 percent positive she's not convinced, and I've noticed more that she talks about Jesus with me. but like I said you just have to be accepting an understanding of their opinion and smile no matter what they say. I respect Christians and there safe because I believe the Bible teaches very good morals and values, just because I don't believe in that doesn't mean that I don't respect it. just try to do the same5311985Sal2013-05-11 15:22:51

Hello dear.
How are you today,i hope you are fine?
My name is susan wilfred i saw your profile today at (wiccanspace.com) and i
love it, i think we can build a good relationship from there, So please write me back through my email address for more details (susanwilfred50@yahoo.in)
am waiting for your lovely
reply soon.
From susan

My dear please contact me with this email (susanwilfred50@yahoo.in)
susanbaby1232013-01-05 13:19:12
Loved the story of why you started. I am from the Warren area which isn't too far away from you.Desperado2012-11-03 09:05:21
I love the blog about why you started studying wicc. It shows that even though years of bad propaganda (andsome of the real witches who truely did awful things) people can truely move past it and embrace truth and love and compassion.Ganymede2012-11-03 00:06:59
Hello, I saw your blog about the Psychic vampire. You are still human. I am also a psychich vampire, and all it really means is that your chakras leak/dont proudce enough energy. Therefore you take others energy whether you mean to or not. :) just thought I would clear that upjinxx2012-08-10 21:03:22
Hello, I saw your blog about the Psychic vampire. You are still human. I am also a psychich vampire, and all it really means is that your chakras leak/dont proudce enough energy. Therefore you take others energy whether you mean to or not. :) just thought I would clear that upjinxx2012-08-10 21:02:07
hiiiiii i read on your page that u have vampire abilities and i think thats awesome :3 can u please tell me what spell or what ritual u did to become a vampire ?
carlbertog32012-07-23 00:24:35
Hey Jennalynnfix, you can worship at a church and still be wiccan. Wiccan practice itself does not have a set pantheon. Most wiccans call on the help of the god and goddess that they choose, some even call upon multiple pantheon to help them out. You do not have to give up church if you are not ready to but if you are ready and want to make small changes you could slowly stop going. During the time you would be going to church you could instead spend that time on yourself or for your practice. But don't stop church cold turkey, you would not want such a huge part of your life to just disappear. Did this help you at all? Blessed be! Celestite2012-05-28 11:11:47
druids are preists or follows of a celtic relegion. or in greek mythologynature fairies. dreaming_sunray2012-05-07 15:47:05


am miss precious, i love your profile please contact me back on
this id there is something i want to talk with you thank you.(preciouscole87@yahoo.in
preciousbaby2012-03-10 15:03:37

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