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Name k2hanna
Gender Female
Age 37
LocationLongbeach Washington
About mehi,

I'm moving (back) to southwest washington in a few weeks. I'm hoping to find some like minded people to get together with from time to time. (I don't really enjoy doing the solitary thing)

I love getting out in nature and enjoying its beauty.

I am a changeling of sorts and can find a place in most groups. I have always been "other", "the outsider", the one who didn't really fit in. As such I can be a bit of an oddball, and a joker, but i respect peoples boundaries (just tell me when i get too close to crossing a line and i'll back off, or tell me to leave and I will) i know i contradict myself a bit, but thats the way I am, and worse I truly believe i am an honorable liar and an honest thief. Sometimes I wonder if i'm really sane, but then i remember that it doesnt matter. Whether i'm dark and morbid, or colorfully optimistic, i will always help people who let me.

I have been many things, though nothing lasts forever. I'm a bit of an eclectic as far as my beliefs, i was raised mormon, and have been a member of an Asatru and wiccan groups among others less well defined, though i mostly follow the Tricksters these days, (largely out of self preservation (when your life is a joke you have to laugh, no matter how bad the punchline, otherwise you'll just cry until you die))

I enjoy spending time with people and encouraging them to laugh and question assumptions.

After rereading this disjointed and rambling profile, i dont expect anyone to be willing to contact me, but please do. I tried my best to explain who and what i am, but mostly i'm just tired of being lonely and afraid.

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HI My Dear.
My name is Amanda,i view your profile hear and became interested to know you, please contact me with this id,(omaramanda1@hotmail.com)to enable me send my Details and pictures to you for us to know each other better i hope to hear from you.
Yours new friend,
amanda4real2015-10-15 08:29:15

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