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the mirror spell

By TheCelticTeacher 2015-04-10 17:10:38
This spell isnt mine i got it from one of my apps on my phone.. its helped me and quite a few others that i know..

the spell is called a mirror spell which really isnt a spell at all.. it deals with usen your own energy and your own faith in what you are doing..

in a quiet place in the evening where no one can disturb you.. this is recommended to do at nite.. take a mirror that you can actually see half of yourself in it.. place it to where you can see into the mirror but not yourself.. lite a candle and place it behind you.. sit in a chair that is comfortable and take some items of the love one your calling to.. place them around you where you dont have to reach out very far.. either close your eyes or keep them open.. make sure the room is dark cept with the candle lite.. then start thinkin of your loved one that you want to speak to.. you will start to notice the mirror glass itself.. will start to fog up and as it fogs up you will notice shadows will run across the mirror..as it keeps on foggin up you will start to see a group of peoples shadows or hear your love ones voice.. once you hear them speak call out to them.. to see if they really are who they say they are.. ask a simple question that they would only know about you.. with the reguards and respects to the living or dead.. plzz keep the question time to about 15 minutes.. if you wish to speak longer to them ask them respectfully if you can continute to ask them question but dont go no longer than a half all together.. you can drain a spirits life force so quickly and you can not recorded but you can kill a spirit by draining their force..
enjoy and yes this does work.. blessed it be and good luck

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