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Never play with life and death

By Wren7 2015-05-08 11:33:34
I had to write this because I wanted you to know...especially as most the people on here who contact me are very knew to this craft and I fear some may fill your heads with lies regarding what can be done and what cant.

Magick exists on a plane that neither sees life or death as separate things.

Let me put it this way...

As humans we often measure the things in our world in order to better comprehend them. We may see light and dark as two opposite ends of the spectrum. The truth is, dark is a platform for the light to shine. They are one and the same. And so it is also with good and bad. One of our greatest characters is the devil. We invented him just like Sherlock Holmes, The Scarlet Pimpernell, Homer Simpson, Hello bloody Kitty.

Let me put it this way.

Would you tell a 2 year old that there is no such thing as Santa? No! And so it is the same with Satanism or any theology that teaches God (or life) has an opposer.

And so, Life and Death are not separate things. One is intrinsically connected to the other and neither is absolute until you consider them together.

For it is on this plane of understanding that magick works. Magick knows that life and death, good and bad, light and dark are not separate entities but one and the same.

It is on this plane (or understanding) that magick works so it is impossible to kill someone with magick because the truth is - we never die.

We often become confused about life because of this lie that we die. This illusion causes confusion also about life. We never die and so it is impossible to kill someone with magick.

We can curse but to set up a curse energy has to be exchanged from the person we want to do harm. For it is in this self destruction that a curse can take place because free will only allows us to affect our own realities.

Do yourselves a favour,

learn a real magick like knot magick, candle magick, moon magick before your ego thinks you can kill another...you cant.

add me as a friend all those who see and emanate the truth which is available to all.

also, if the truth hurts...that's your problem.

also, wanna curse me? Try it lol

blessed be

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