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Gedions Protection

By glo6672 2016-05-04 10:37:16
This is a simple straight forward protection spell. I have only used this for very close friends. Twice on requests.
I use my own room cleansing and openess spell before begining.

The person must be freshly washed. I add a little Ju Ju oil.

The person must be nude. No jewlery, adornments or hair ties.

Start lying face up eyes open. Person must be awake and aware.

Say in circle with start formation from left to righ down then up. (i prefer the 7 point star)
Mother Mielikki watch over (persons given name) guard her path and may her steps through life be steady.
Massage up left, across, down right. (do not touch genitals)
Ukko father of strengh, help (given name) to carry her burdens, stride straight and true, let others help (him or her) and with your wisdon may choices be clear.
Ihstar I wish to ask for your love and protection for (given name) Let (him/her) be safe, may (him/her) mate be true, hold (his/her) children in your light. With all your strength guard (given name)
(Here is where i would cast my own personal sygil) (use Dragons blood with a drop of my own blood)
Upper torso:
Lovitar Goddess of pain protect this spirit, Endow (given name) with strength courage and patience. Carry your wrath to (his/her) enimies. Bleed thier souls if they bring harm. Give (his/her) watchers knowledge and guidence to help (his/her) pain.I sacrifice willingly my blood for her needs.(Draw your sygil at the center of upper torso) Massage gently from bottom to top Do not touch head.
Goddess Hera may your love and guidence watch over this child. May (given name) have clear mind, wise decitions, and willingness to acept.(brush hair from top to bottom (please do not touch face)

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