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Peace Out Evil

By MissTea7105 2016-05-19 14:39:30

People can be cruel and unfair, this spell makes sure that any bad energies, curses/hexes, tainted auras and evil intent will be destroyed and warded off.


1 white candle - purification, cleansing, protection
1 black candle - protection, hex and curse breaking, banishing, destroying evil, repelling evil
Frankincense - hex and curse breaking, purification, protection (optional booster)
Goldstone - protection (optional booster)
Jade - Carry it with you for protection after the ritual is completed (optional)
Mint - purification
Nutmeg - hex and curse breaking
Heather - protection from violence and evil
White Sage - cleansing (smudging stick preferred)
Pen or Marker - for sigil (optional)

Set up your altar and grind the mint, nutmeg and heather.
Cast your circle and invoke your gods.
Burn the white sage around you and your altar.
Light your Frankincense.
While lighting your white candle say I am purified, evil will vanish in this light and flee from my presence.
While lighting your black candle say I am unafraid, evil will burn in this flame and be destroyed by my will.
While lighting your mint, nutmeg and heather on fire say I am protected, evil will choke on this smoke and be repelled by my aura.
Draw the sigil somewhere on your body while saying I am free, evil cannot see me and will never touch me.
Take a few deep breathes while holding the goldstone and jade, hum a tune, laugh a little and then smile.
When you are done, thank your gods, close your circle, clean up and then do something that makes you feel bad ass.

Sigil: http://twilights-children.tumblr.com/post/140303721982/evil-can-not-see-me

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