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Anti-Depression Charm

By MissTea7105 2016-05-19 14:57:21

A charm anyone can use on an object to banish depression and replace it with happiness. (Use on anti-depressant medication)


1 white candle - cleansing, purity, clarity, peace, truth, protection, repelling negativity and healing emotions
1 black candle - destroys evil or negativity, repels evil and dissolves tainted energies (optional)
1 yellow candle - inspiration, confidence, energy, cheerfulness, sunny disposition, change, endurance, stability and security (optional)
1 blue candle - peace, calm, wisdom, understanding, harmony, health and contentment (optional)
1 orange candle - cleanses bad attitude, situations and places, happiness, attracts good things, luck, friendship, courage and ambition (optional)
Lavender - protection, healing, sleep, calm, purification, peace, healing from depression and harmony
Amaranth - heals a broken heart (optional)
Olive wood - self love, balance, overcoming guilt or shame (optional)
Amber oil - balance, harmony, inspiration and purification (optional)
Linden Blossom oil - revives love when sadness blocks the heart, restores inner peace and promotes happiness (optional)
Neroli oil - life depressing thoughts (optional)
Stilbite - declutters the mind and is a good worry stone (optional)
Tigerís Eye (Catís eye) - grounding energy, confidence, accomplish goals, helps judgement and finds solutions (optional)
Goldstone - help attain goals, stay calm, stabilizes emotions, energy generator and deflects bad energy (optional)
Moonstone - cools, soothes, calms over reactions and helps intuition (optional)
Clear Quartz - heals, purifies, harmonizes and balances (optional)
Sachet or Baggy - to put medication in
Pen or Marker - sigil

Light your candles, put your gems/rocks in a circle and put your object (medication) in the sachet or baggy in the middle of the circle.
Cast your circle and invoke your gods.
Light your Lavender and other herbs, oils and incense while meditating on your intent and focusing on what you want in your future. Think of a future with no boundaries and nothing that holds you back. Take some deep breathes while doing this.
When you feel youíre ready, take the pen or marker and copy the sigil onto your skin, then seal it with a kiss.
Say ďMy future is mine and nothing can stop me. I am strong and will fight for my life.Ē three times.
When youíre done close your circle and thank your gods.
Remember to take your medication!

Sigil: http://twilights-children.tumblr.com/post/140402107042/i-am-comfortable-for-happiness-and-being

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