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Ritual to Fight Off Illnesses

By MissTea7105 2016-05-19 14:58:55

A ritual to use to help boost your energy and strength to fight off any illnesses you have.


Rose Buds - peace, happiness (optional)
Chamomile - healing, reducing stress, success
Sun Flower - energy, protection, power, wisdom, strength, wishes (optional)
Heather - protection, luck, immortality (optional)
Yarrow - healing, banishes negativity, wards off fear, promotes courage and confidence (optional)
Nutmeg - money, good luck, protection (optional)
Jade - healing, protection (optional)
Clear Quartz - healing, cleansing, purifying, balance, energy, faith (optional)
Sapphire - physical healing, depression, peace, protection (optional)
1 Red Candle - energy, strength, health protection, courage (optional)
1 White Candle - cleansing, healing, purification, peace, protection
1 Pink Candle - love, faith, spiritual healing, caring, peace, healing (optional)
1 Blue Candle - peace, calm, wisdom, understanding, protection, health, happiness, harmony (optional)
1 Black Candle - healing powerful illnesses
Pen or Marker - sigil and prayer
Piece of paper - prayer
Sachet or baggy (optional)

Set your altar and put the candles in a five-point star formation. Black to the North, White to the East, Pink in the South-East corner, Red in the South-West corner and Blue to the West.
Have the Sachet with Yarrow and Nutmeg placed inside set off to the right side of the candles, ready to be used.
Have your cauldron inside the centre of the star formation with the Chamomile (and other herbs) ready to be burned.
Have the gems set off to the left side of the candles, ready to be used.
Have a small piece of paper and pen ready as well.
Cast your circle and invoke your gods.
Light the candles in clockwise order. (black, white, pink, red, blue)
Light the herbs and breathe them in while focusing your energy on the palms of your hands.
Take the sachet and gems and hold them in your hands over the smoke, transfer your energy and the gems power to the sachet and let the smoke energize it.
Take the piece of paper and write down your wish (I will beat all my illnesses) and then fold it in half and let it burn on top of your herbs.
Draw the sigil on your body (preferably your hand or your wrist) and feel your power flow to it.
Say “The gods watch over me and delight in me, they give me strength and power.”
Keep the sachet with you for the extra boost in protection and healing.
Thank your gods and close your circle.

Sigil: http://twilights-children.tumblr.com/post/140522294847/i-will-beat-all-my-illnesses

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