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Attracting Love (Spell, Potion and Sachet)

By MissTea7105 2016-05-19 15:11:09

A love spell that I consider to be 100% white magic, no force or non-consensual control involved. It attracts a deep, true lover to you. Not for soul mates or “one true loves.”


Saffron - boosting Friday spells
Apple Seeds
Basil - optional
Beet Ink - Sigil
Catnip - optional
Rose Petals - optional
Lavender - optional
Lemon Peels
Orange Peels
Maple Syrup
Sugar - optional
Strawberries - optional
Vanilla extract - optional
Chamomile Essential Oil - optional
Hibiscus - optional
Jasmine - optional
Rose Quartz - optional
1 Red Candle - passionate love
1 Pink Candle - loyal love
1 Rose Candle (colour not scent) - compassionate love
1 Green Candle - successful love
Writing Stick - this can be a toothpick or anything you can dip into your beet ink to write
Piece of Paper - small enough to be kept in the sachet or baggy
Sachet or Baggy
Clear, Seal-able Bottle

This spell should be preformed with the moon in view and on a Friday ONLY!
Set up your altar with the candles in this heart position.
Have your cauldron inside the candle heart with catnip, rose petals, hibiscus, jasmine and lavender ready to burn.
Pre-mash/squeeze/grind the sugar, cherries, strawberries and beets but keep them all separate and ready to go.
Have the sachet or baggy ready to be filled and set off to the side.
Have some apple seeds, basil, catnip, rose petals, lavender, lemon peels, orange peels and rose quartz ready to be put in the sachet or baggy but keep them separate.
Keep the piece of paper and writing stick ready with the beet ink.
Cast your circle and invoke your gods.
Light your candles and the herbs in your cauldron.
Take your writing stick and use the beet ink to draw the sigil on the paper and let it dry.
Stuff your sachet or baggy with the paper, apple seeds, basil, catnip, rose petals, lavender, lemon peels, orange peels and rose quartz.
Pour the maple syrup into the bottle first, then the sugar, a drop of vanilla extract, cherries and strawberries, stir or shake all together and seal the bottle.
Put your hands on the sachet or baggy and the bottle and look up to the moon and think of all the loving relationships you have in your life. (This can be anything from your parents or family members to friends or past relationships that you have fond memories of)
Say “Love surrounds me and fills my life, let it find me once more and be fruitful.”
Close your circle after thanking your gods.
Keep the sachet or baggy on you as much as possible, use the potion on pancakes or as a topping on ice cream or any other food you think it would taste good on.
If you wish once you’ve cleaned up take a bath and sprinkle the chamomile essential oil into the water.

Sigil: http://twilights-children.tumblr.com/post/142039054247/meaningful-love-will-find-me

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