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Legal Luck Spell

By MissTea7105 2016-05-19 15:12:13

A few people have asked me for a spell to help them with legal matters lately so I thought I would throw a simple legal luck spell together for people who need it.


Hickory - legal matters, protection
Buckthorn - victory in legal matters (optional)
Marigold - respect, legal matters
Allspice - money, luck, healing, finding treasure (optional)
Basil - wear to attract money (optional)
Blackberry - attracting money
Daffodils - wear near the heart for luck
Bloodstone - healing, victory, courage, wealth, strength, power, legal matters
1 Green candle - luck, wealth
1 Purple candle - wisdom, power
1 Black candle - banish negativity (optional)
1 Red candle - courage (optional)
1 Yellow candle - confidence, comfort (optional)
1 Blue candle - peace, patience

Set up your altar with the candles in a circle formation around your cauldron.
Light your candles, cast your circle and invoke your gods.
Light your herbs in your cauldron.
Hold the bloodstone in the smoke and meditate on your situation.
Imagine your problems and worries flowing down your arms and being carried away by the smoke.
Say a personal prayer to your gods explaining your situation and envisioning the outcome that you want.
Meditate once more, this time focusing on your breathing, with every breath feel lighter as you relax more and straighten out.
Close your circle after thanking your gods.
Keep the bloodstone with you and if you can wear the daffodils near your heart, if you have it, keep the basil on you as well.

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