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Anti-Stress Ritual

By MissTea7105 2016-05-21 21:06:26

A quick spell to help us all calm down and relax easier.


1 white candle - peace and repels negativity
1 yellow candle - happiness (optional)
1 light blue candle - peace, calm, patience, happiness, contentment and harmony (optional)
1 brown candle - balance and concentration (optional)
1 black candle - destroying evil or negativity (optional)
Lily of the Valley - soothing, calming, peace, tranquility and repels negativity
Lime - calm, tranquility
Lavender - peace
Oak Moss - calms and cools (optional)
Helichrysum - calm and patience (optional)
Heather - hang in house for peace (optional)
Orange Blossoms - stability, harmony and peace (optional)
Granite - keeps emotions in check (optional)
Jet - absorbs negative energies (optional)
Goldstone - stabalizes emotions, calms, positive energy generator and negative energy deflector (optional)
Moonstone - cools, soothes and calms (optional)
Pen - sigil

Set up your altar and light your candles, cast your circle and invoke your gods.
Light your flowers and oils in your cauldron
Take your pen and draw the sigil somewhere on your body
Start tracing the lines of the sigil on your skin with any of the gems or stones you’re working with
Lay down and close your eyes while still holding any gems or stones you’re working with
Imagine being on a cloud and just floating in the sky, you aren’t hot or cold and you aren’t high enough to be scared, but you are high enough that no one can touch you.
Breathe in and as you breathe out whisper “I am at peace”
After you feel comfortable, slowly get up again
Thank your gods and close your circle, then clean up your altar
Keep any gems or stones you worked with on you when you leave the house
If you can, follow this ritual up with a nice hot bath.

Sigil: http://twilights-children.tumblr.com/post/144729537262/anti-stress-ritualmore-description-a-quick

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