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Let LOVE Grow

By Azmarayith22 2016-11-18 12:26:32
A Spell to Heal a Marriage or Relationship:

(To be done outside because you will be burning paper)

To Make this Spell Even More POWERFUL I recommend useing Your Soul Urge, Inner Dream, Destiny and Life Path Numbers.

Begin by Writing a note to yourself and the universe.
Describe the problems in your relationship and your feelings about it.
No one will ever read this but you, so be honest!
Get angry or get sad, rant and rave as much as you like,
As Long as You Express those Feelings Truthfully.

Now, once you have purged all your negative feelings,
Write what you would like to happen in your relationship.
How do you want your partner to act towards you?
Would you like them to listen more,
To pay more attention to you?
What kind of relationship would make you happy?
Go into details where you can.
Once you have done this, take some time to meditate,
To ground and center yourself before commencing this spell.

Performing the Relationship Healing Spell:

Gather all your spell ingredients (including the letter you wrote)
Scratch both of your Initials and Numbers into the candles
Anoint the candles with Rose Essential Oil for LOVE
Now light your White candle, representing Pure Intentions and Peace
Then your Pink candle, representing Love and Affection.
And then the Green candle for Growth and Healing
Read through the letter again,
And take a few minutes to visualize you and your loved one
Being Happy and Harmonious Together.

Now take the two pieces of string and Tie Them Together at one end
To make one long piece of string.
Make sure the knot is strong
It Represents the Bond Between You and Your Lover.
Fold the paper 3 times, and wrap the string around it.
As you do so, say:

God Above, Help Me Reunite with My Love.
Bring us Love, Harmony and Peace,
May the Strength of Our Bond Now Increase.

Then take the letter and place it in the fireproof dish.
Light it on fire, and While it Burns,
Feel the Negative Energies in Your Relationship Burn Away With It.

Now Recite the following words:

Sacred Flames, Carry These Energies Away,
Let Our Relationship Begin Anew Today.
Amen and So It Shall Be!

Then Bury the Paper, String and Candle Remains Near a Tree
(try to find an Apple or Birch tree as these represent Love).

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