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“Babayalan command” to trees to bear fruits

By sufiyatik 2017-03-10 19:01:08
Note: I inherited this magic spell from my ancient ancestors, the Babaylan priestesses of the old Philippine Islands. I have already tested the efficacy of this spell to a tree beside my house. I commanded the tree because I needed its fruits for my health. Please message me if other Witch Alphabets are also effective.

Things Needed: A piece of small paper, preferably “papelitos” or rolling paper for cigarettes; black ball pen; witch script preferably Baybayin in miniscule and cursive style or other witch scripts like Elder Futhark, Enochian, Malachim, or Theban; liquid paste or much better stick sap of any tree; water; some offerings.

1.Write the instruction in your own words in a short, simple and direct message on small piece of white and blank paper.
2.Paste the message on any part of its trunk.
3.Dig small and shallow hole near the base of its trunk without hurting the tree.
4.Put your offerings on the hole such as three sticks of cigarettes (remove the filter and rolling paper; honey or sugar; and the like.
5.Cover the hole with soil.
6.Water the tree.
7.Give thanks to the tree.
8.Wait for the tree to bear flowers and eventually fruits.

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