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Extremely Powerful Wand Consecration

By GothicRhyme 2017-05-04 20:55:59
First off, make sure you do the spell once the wand is completely finished. Decorating, carving, and sanding must be done.

Items required:
-One white candle
-Representation of Air (incense [works best], yellow ribbon/string, bell, feather)
-Representation of Earth (salt, soil [works best], rice, mugwort)
-Representation of Fire (flame, candle)
-Representation of Water (water, consecrated water [works best],seashell, blue ribbon/string)
-Paper or cloth with a large pentacle on it
-Statue representation of your diety (optional)
-Clear quartz crystals (4)(optional)
-Salt crystals (4)(optional)

The set up of the altar is crucial in the success and the strength of this spell.
1-Place the pentacle on your altar, with the top of the star pointing north.
2-At the very top of the pentacle, place the white candle. This will be the spirit representation.
3-Going clockwise, the next corner of the pentacle will have the air representation.
4-The third corner will have the fire representation.
5-The fourth corner will have the water representation.
6-The fifth corner will have the earth representation.
7-Place your deity statue behind the spirit representation, at the northernmost part of the altar.
8-On each corner of your altar (assuming it has 4 corners), place one quartz crystal, starting at the top right corner and going clockwise. Repeat this process with the salt crystals, placing them beside the quartz. Make sure there are no objects on the altar that are going over the invisible barrier created by the salt and quartz. This will keep your altar pure.
9-Place the wand to be blessed in the very center of the pentacle.

Now that your altar is set up properly, you may begin preparations and raising energy. Cast a circle as you normally would. Light the spirit candle first, then use that candle to light the fire representation and the incense. One all are burning, you may sit and meditate. Listen to relaxing music that releases the correct energy for the spell. (Personally, I use ancient egyptian or celtic music, but it is up to you.)

Once you have achieved the most calm and peaceful state of mind, you may begin the spell. Remember not to rush, as that may rattle the energies you have gathered and make them scatter.

Pick up your wand and hold it gently in your hands. Take the water representation and gently cover the wand with it. (If you are using water, drip the water onto the wand as you say the following phrase.) "I bless you with the power of Water. May you help me to have compassion, be free to express myself, be able to heal my emotions quickly, and be peaceful of mind. So mote it be."

Bring your wand to the Earth element next. (Sprinkle the representation onto the wand and/or gently rub it into the wood.) "I bless you with the power of Earth. May you help me to be prosperous in all I do, have the strength to overcome my trials, have the wisdom of the earth, and be grounded in all I do. So mote it be."

Bring your wand to the Fire element. (You will be using a flame, so do not hold the wand close enough to burn, but just close enough to absorb the heat.) "I bless you with the power of Fire. May you help me to inspire others, have the intuition I need to get past confusing times, help protect me when I am in need, and have creativity during challenges. So mote it be."

Bring your wand to the air element. (If using ribbon or string, gently wrap and bind the wand. If using incense, move the wand through the incense smoke.) "I bless you with the power of Air. May you help me to have knowledge, know when change is needed, be able to renew myself from difficult times, and embrace change and innovation. So mote it be."

Lastly, bring your wand to the Spirit candle. "I bless you with the spirit that is in all things. May you be a tool for magickal use, dedicated beneath (your chosen deity of worship). So mote it be."

Hold your wand close, cradling it in the palms of your hands. Meditate on the wand. Concentrate on all the energies you have placed in the wand and the power you have blessed it with. Open your ears and listen to the wand. You may hear a small voice. Listen to the voice, and it might tell you the wand's name. If not, this is the right time to give the wand a name of your own choosing (this, of course, is optional).

Once you have finished, you may snuff out the candles and the incense and open the circle.

~End of spell~

This is the absolutely most efficient way to bless a spell, from my experience. Using such powerful symbolism together with the elements and your chosen deity bring on a very powerful force, and that force will be stored within the wand itself. I have had people marvel at the pure energy my wands have emitted. My first wand using this blessing was so strong that when I meditated and listened for a name, I heard it tell me "Fear Not." (I was going through some phobias at the time, and the manifested energies of the wand fed off that and purified it. The wand was named Faernat [fear not] and has been my companion ever since.)

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